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Pangea’s mission is to be a sustainable, ethical sourcing provider who helps our customers save over 20% on their orders


Pangea’s vision is to help Australian businesses by providing sustainable, high-quality products at the best possible price

Global sourcing

Global Sourcing at Your Fingertips

In today’s world transparency is key. The consumer has the right to know that the products are being made in an ethical and sustainable way. Pangea helps you provide this service to your customers. You can be assured we will follow strict guidelines on how to source your product from everything from price, quality and ethically created.

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  • Save Cost

    By choosing us you’re choosing an average saving of 25% if you did it yourself.

  • Save Time

    Working with Pangea means saving time. With people boots on the ground means less waiting time.

  • Reduced Risk

    With years of experience, Pangea knows how to negotiate, reduce risks and secure what you need.

  • Simple

    Pangea can solve complicated logistic issues with sourcing products.

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We save our Clients an average of 25% on their importing costs