A Super Simple Guide of how to Sourcing Product Made in China

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Product made in China has become a very popular phases in recent years for it’s high quality and low price. Many business owners especially from the sourcing industry have pay more attention to China and the products. Also, we should admit that it’s not that easy to Sourcing product from China.  No matter from the product suppliers to the language barriers.

Do not worry, this blog will serve as a super simple guide to how to source product made in China, providing some useful tips for you.

The content of this blog will include

What is Sourcing Product made in China

How to find a reliable supplier of products from China

The Importance of Quality Control

The Cost Factor

Finding the Right Supplier for your Needs

Tips on how to Avoid Scams and Frauds


1. What is Sourcing Product made in China

This term is used to describe product sourced in the Chinese market. This product may be manufactured by a company or factory located in China or it could be imported into Hong Kong and re-exported onto other countries around the world.

The product has gotten to your country using international trade which involved moving product across borders before it reached its final destination at your warehouse or storefront.


2. How to Find a reliable supplier of products from China

Suppliers of products from China are a dime a dozen, however finding a supplier that provides quality products without draining your wallet can be surprisingly difficult. To find the right Chinese supplier, it’s best to find one with good references by asking around and doing some research about their company.

In order to find a good wholesaler, first figure out what you want to buy and contact a few suppliers, we would advice you to contact them in the platform like Alibaba. Once you have found a couple of potential suppliers, compare them on factors such as price, reliability and creditworthiness.

A reliable way of verifying if a company is legitimate is checking for business registration information at ChangAn Board or JingDong Board (or both).

The best way to find out more about these companies is through personal referrals from people who  have done business with them before.

One thing to keep in mind is that small-scale suppliers may not be able to provide you with all the services of a larger company, such as conducting quality testing, providing large quantities or offering credit terms.

If you’re trying to find out about new products on the market, it’s best to find companies that are larger and more experienced. It’s also important that if information can’t be found on any of these websites (such as phone number), then it might be an idea not to do business with this supplier.

However, even choosing the right Chinese supplier is only half the battle; quality control after shipment is something else entirely.

Before your first purchase, find out how flexible this supplier will be  in dealing with you in case there are quality issues. It might be wise to find out about any guarantees they offer or if there is a middle man you can contact before contacting the supplier directly, so that issues will be resolved quickly and without too much hassle


The importance of quality control

Implent a plan for quality control along with timelines

If there’s one thing that every company has to consider, it’s quality control. This process ensures that products are made correctly and everyone involved knows what their role is in that process.

First of all, you need to implement a plan for quality control along with timelines so you know when these steps will happen .

Then people across departments need to be trained so they understand what they’re supposed to do throughout the process and what happens if something goes wrong. For instance, who needs to be of the line if someone notices there are too few products coming off?


Quality control inspections

Quality control inspections should happen before, during, and after production. For instance, managers need to inspect products when they’re being made in order to prevent problems later on, while quality control inspectors are doing spot checks throughout the process just in case an error was missed.

Employees who are working directly with products also need to be vigilant when it comes to checking paperwork or making sure their work is done correctly . This means you have to train your employees so they know what’s expected of them at each stage.

Revision of plan

These steps must always be taken seriously in order for a company to succeed over time! Quality control procedures include detailed instructions on how to use equipment, what materials are used for each project, what workers should do if  or something goes wrong , and much more. You may need to revise your quality control plan as the years go by since companies grow and adapt as time goes on.


The Cost Factor

The cost factor of the product is the major concern for the new business owners.  Sourcing the right supplier with the help of this blog will ensure you the best price of the product.

The first step for new entrepreneurs to make their product plan successful is to identify the complete cost factor of the products then start sourcing them accordingly.

Identifying the complete cost associated with planning to import or source a product from China? This completive costing can help the new comers to make the right decision of the product.

Structure of the cost:  the structure of the cost associated with the product is as follows:

– wholesale price of the product from the supplier,

– shipping fees of the products,

– outbound taxes and duties,

– import customs clearance fees,

– storage costs for importing goods,

– physical inspection before clearing the goods from the port. These are some factors that drives up the total cost of a product.

While identifying the total cost of sourcing a product, you should consider some critical factors on which your profit depends upon.

These  factors include the cost of the product and the overheads associated with the imported goods.

The above stated factors can make the total cost vary from the customer to the other, depending on their location and requirements. Hence, it is necessary to know the complete costing structure before you start importing a product in your country or locality.


Finding the Right Supplier for your Needs



It’s not just a simple matter of finding any supplier. Make sure that they have enough experience in their business, a good reputation and a track record of successful sales.

If they’re still relatively new at what they do then it might be too early to give them your custom, but if they’ve been going for years then there’s probably no better time to get on board with them.

Look out for testimon ials and other comments about the company you’re thinking of getting into business with, as well as online reviews.


Sample of works

Look at their portfolio If your supplier can provide samples of work that they’ve done for previous customers then this is a clear sign that they’ll be able to fulfil your needs.

Look beyond those who simply offer you a catalog or website URL; these kinds of suppliers may not actually have any real examples to show off and could just be pushing generic goods onto anybody who looks like they might pay them.

Make sure you ask what printing options are available before signing on the dotted line – or even before making contact – so there’s no room for unexpected expenses later on.


Goods and  services   

Look at what’s included in the price. For example, does your supplier charge extra for delivery or packaging?

Will they alter anything to how you need it in order to get a better result? How long will it take them to complete your job? What are their payment terms?


Get recommendations from other companies that have worked with this supplier before. Ask around in chat forums about who can provide ‘best value’ or which suppliers have provided ‘the best service’.

You should also check out the rest of their website to find out more about what they offer and why you should consider doing business with them.


Customer service counts

when finding the right supplier When buying products online, it’s  a lot easier to find a supplier who can provide instant support. If you’re buying something that’s not the right size or wrong colour, then it needs to be resolved quickly or your customer will end up disappointed with your service.

Ask about their after-sales policy; how easy is it for them to deal with returns and exchanges? How long do they take to get back in touch if you’ve got an issue?



We hope you found this blog post to be helpful in learning more about sourcing products made in China. At the end of our article, we have provided some tips on how to avoid scams and frauds when looking for suppliers online or offline.

These are just a few ways that The Importance of Quality Control has helped us grow as a company while staying competitive with pricing and quality! If you need help finding the right supplier for your needs, please contact us today.

Thanks for reading!