How And Why We Recommend you to Sourcing products in China

Product Made in China


When it comes to sourcing products, thousands of business owners are discovering the beneftis of manufacturing in China. As one of the world’s most populated countries, cheap labor costs make outsourcing production to Chinese factories very attractive. With a population almost over 1 billion people, low cost living conditions mean that workers’ wages remain relatively low while productivity remains high. China has risen to become the world’s largest exporter of manufactured goods, meaning companies can benefit from supplying their product to both domestic and international markets. In this article, we will share our experience about sourcing products in China, explaining the reason why we recommend you to choose a reliable sourcing agency to help you.

What are the benefits of sourcing products in China

First of all, the pricing policy of Chinese manufacturers tends to be very aggressive and they will often come to you with much lower prices than the market average. Another advantage is that once your business starts making money, thanks to the fact that their prices are much lower, you can start thinking about using them as a supplier for raw materials and other products.


One advantage of importing goods from China that many people do not take into consideration is the number of logistical advantages. For example, it is much easier to use ocean freight when transporting goods from China to your country as their location makes it  very easy to reach European and American ports.


Furthermore, China is located in one of the biggest and most populated areas on Earth which means that it has a very big market itself and many companies are willing to sell discounted products, helping you save even more money compared to buying from your local suppliers. As for the advantage of setting up your business in your country, you should remember that the Chinese economy is growing exponentially and even though the cost of living there is very low, it will be easier for your business to expand if you keep in close contact with local manufacturers.

Sourcing in China

The channel you can use to source product from China

  1. Trade shows
  2. sourcing agencies

Why trade shows is important to your sourcing business ?


A trade show is a convention where manufacturers and suppliers meet to display their products and services. The theory behind how trade shows work is simple: companies get together, share new product information, and develop professional relationships; customers get educated about an industry’s latest trends. Businesses can make more money on what they  sell and how they sell it, and customers get the opportunity to find what they need at lower prices.


Trade shows are usually represented by three different market segments: consumer goods, industrial goods and business to business. A typical trade show might have 75% of its exhibitors in the consumer goods segment, 15% in the industrial goods section, and 10% for B2B.


Trade shows can be international or domestic. International trade shows occur all around the world where different cultures and people from different backgrounds come together to display their products.

Trade shows are the best way to gain new clients, find suppliers and see what’s on offer in your industry. Why? Let’s look at the reasons why.


Every supplier wants to sell product or service. And every client is looking to buy them. Why not make use of this to your advantage? Why not meet up with them at an exhibition? It’s a great way to network and forge new business relationships.

You can see who is offering what .Trade shows are a treasure trove for buyers. Why go through catalogues, paid online listings or cold calling when you have direct access from the source? Why not take a look at who is exhibiting and you could do business with them all.


It’s the best way to find new suppliers.Trade shows are perfect for finding new suppliers or just seeing what’s out there. Why spend hours trawling through online listings, when you can go to an exhibition which displays what product and service suppliers are offering? Why not use this opportunity to find new suppliers.


If you’ve never used trade shows before, why not give it a try? It’s the perfect way to network or even start sourcing product and service providers. Why spend days looking through listings when you can go DIRECT to the source?

Though a large scale trade show can provide you a greta quantity of resource,  you have to pay your time and money for the trip to the city where the trade show held.  Language barriers, accommodation and other problems can be troublesome.

There is one way you can choose to avoid all these trouble- Soucing agencies.



How to choose a reliable sourcing agency

When you choose to outsource, it is important to choose a reliable agency.

The choice of an outsourcing company always begins with finding the best one that should be able to meet your project’s requirements. It is also vital that the partner you choose is capable of providing services without delay which produce quality results within deadlines. What follows are some tips on how to choose a reputable outsourcing agent for your business needs.


    1 Look Out For Good Customer Service


One of the most important things you should look for in any online or offline company whose services you want to use is good customer service. Through word-of-mouth and reviews from other clients, companies gain popularity while others become infamous to poor customer service leading prospective clients to choose another company with better support.


You can choose an outsourcing partner by personally investigating and asking for references from previous customers of the firm you are considering to work with. Look for companies that provide excellent communication with their partners; also keep an eye out for those that ensure positive customer service as this is a sign that they really care about your satisfaction as a client and the quality of services they render.


    2 Check Their Capabilities And Expertise


Knowing how much experience your prospective outsourcing partner has in providing the kind of service you need will help you choose between two or more companies offering similar services and rates. You can inquire on how long they have been providing such services, ask them to show samples of their past projects and find out from their other clients how satisfied they are with the work done by their outsourcing partners.


You can choose a company that has been in business for at least three years and ask them to show samples of the kind of work they have handled. This will give you an idea on whether or not such companies possess the capabilities to provide what your business requires based on the services they offer and how far these deliveries went regarding success even if there were some errors made during the process.


3 Know How To Find Company Information And Backgrounds


It is important that you choose an outsourcing partner who is transparent and sincere about their backgrounds and overall information pertaining to ownership, location and contact numbers among other things. more transparent a company appears, the better.


Choosing a company with a transparent background gives a sense of security knowing that a firm is committed to being honest and truthful, which builds trust between the two parties involved in the business transaction. This is because these companies choose to be accountable about their location, contact numbers, licenses and registration details among others. In addition, choose an outsourcing partner who has been in active service for at least five years or more since they have been proven reputable during this time frame through success stories from former clients.


     4 Get A Free Quote And Ask For References


Inquire from your prospective outsourcing partners regarding what kind of fees will be charged per hour and how much they would charge if you choose them as your business partner so you can choose a company that offers competitive rates. You can choose one with a free quote or choose those who offer fixed prices and discount rates to make the process of choosing easier and less time-consuming.


The success of your project greatly depends on the expertise, skills and knowledge your outsourcing partner has for doing the job successfully so choose someone who is well-versed in similar projects they have worked on in the past so you are sure about what to expect from them at all times. Also, choose an outsourcing firm that provides references from former clients they have worked with before so you may contact them personally to inquire about their level of satisfaction with regards to quality service rendered by your prospective partners.


  5 Trustworthy And With A History Of Good Deeds


You may choose an outsourcing partner who has been in the business industry for a number of years, but if you find out they have done some bad deeds in the past, choose another company. There are instances when you choose to work with an outsourcing firm due to their competitive rates or excellent customer service, but when it comes to payment issues and other disputes arising at the middle part of your project towards its completion, choose someone else.


Established companies with considerable expertise and skills offer not just good customer service but also show incredible professionalism in every undertaking involving their client in order for them to aim for nothing less than complete satisfaction in that particular job. They know all too well that poor performance will only reflect poorly on their overall track record, which is why choose an outsourcing partner who has been in this line of business for at least three years because they have gained, if not perfected their skills during that time frame.


    6 Beware Of Bait And Switch Tactics


A bait and switch tactic is used by some companies to attract new customers by offering attractive offers initially, but when it comes to the final part of the agreement where contracts are signed, changes are done or prices skyrocket beyond what was originally promised earlier. choose an outsourcing firm that does not use such tactics since they do not reflect well on them as a whole. There are enough ways for you to find out about their reliability through positive reviews from old and current clients alike; choose someone who has no legal cases filed against them, no negative reviews or complaints from their past clients. choose someone who has not been part of any reputable organization because they have proven themselves trustworthy enough to be in good, working standing with these organizations.


When it comes to outsourcing, choose an experienced partner that will provide the business assistance you need in order for you to achieve your goals and improve your bottom line by providing quality customer service at all times. choose a reliable sourcing agency that is willing to work with you through thick and thin so you can land on the right path towards success knowing full well that there are no hidden charges involved since all fees are discussed prior signing official documents. A reliable outsourcing firm will give you access to their previous client list you may contact them personally before making your decision as to which company you choose as your partner. choose someone who has a good track record and an excellent reputation that is beyond reproach, choose a reliable sourcing agency today!


No matter what your industry, it can be difficult to find the right suppliers for your products. By following these steps and considering all of the benefits that China has to offer, you should be able to choose a supplier who will help grow your business in an exciting way. The next time you are looking into trade shows or sourcing products from China, consider how this blog post may have helped make those decisions easier! We want our customers to succeed; let us know if we can do anything else today.