Top 20 China Sourcing Agent Australia

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Top 20 China sourcing Agent Australia  


Did you know that sourcing products from China are a lot easier than you think? In this blog post, we will be discussing the top 10 china sourcing agent Australia. So, if you are looking to source products from China, then keep reading!

We promise that by the end of this post, you will have all the information about sourcing agents in Australia you need to get started. Plus, we also have some tips to help make the process a little bit easier for you. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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How’s the China sourcing Agent Australia?

How to qualify sourcing companies in Australia?

Top ten China sourcing agent Australia for reference

Hows the China sourcing agent in Australia

“Australia is one of the most popular product sourcing countries in the world. Why? Well, for starters, it’s relatively close to China; shipping product from Australia to China via sea only takes around 5 days.”


“Additionally, product sourcing in Australia can be very affordable due to low production costs and an extremely competitive environment among product sourcing companies”.


“Australia also has a well-developed infrastructure, making it easy to do business there. Finally, the country has a wealth of natural resources, which product sourcing companies can take advantage of.”


“All of these factors make Australia an attractive place for product sourcing. However, it’s important to note that Australian product sourcing companies are not just limited to the Australian market. They also source products from China and other countries around the world.”


“So, if you’re looking for a product sourcing company that can help you find the best products from all over the world, then look no further than Australia.”


So from the information, we provided in this part, what conclusion can we get?


A sourcing company that has bases both in China and Australia would make a great contribution to your business career. They can take full advantage of these two markets. That’s also the standard we take to choose China sourcing companies Australia for you for reference.



How to qualify China sourcing agent Australia


When looking for a sourcing company, it is important to make sure that the company is qualified and experienced in the field. Here are some tips on how to qualify a sourcing company.




  1. Check the company’s track record.




The best way to determine whether a sourcing company is qualified is to check its track record. Ask for case studies and client testimonials. How long has the company been in business? How many projects have they done? How much do they charge for their services? How many languages can the company translate documents into?


  1. Compare quotes from different companies.




To ensure you get a good deal, it is important to compare quotes from different companies. Ask the companies for a proposal, and make sure to ask for a breakdown of the costs.


  1. Check the company’s qualifications.




Make sure that the company is qualified and has the necessary experience and expertise in the field. The company should be licensed and insured. They should also have a team of experienced professionals who are well versed in the currency market and currency trading.


  1. Check for accreditations and memberships.




Companies that are qualified will have a license from an accreditation body such as ISO, SAI Global or BAFT. They should also be registered with the FCA to work within the UK financial markets or similar authority in your country.


  1. How do you work?


When working with a sourcing company, make sure to know how they are going to work on the project. Things should be clearly outlined in the contract, otherwise, there will be confusion later on. Make sure that the responsibilities of both parties are included in the agreement. Ask for clear deadlines, and ask for a regular update on the project’s development.

How many translators are there in the company’s team? How much experience do they have? How long will it take to complete the document translation? Will you receive changes free of charge, or is there an additional cost associated with this?


  1. How are your rates calculated?


When agreeing on a price with the sourcing company, make sure to ask for an inclusive quote so you know exactly what you are paying for. How much will it cost to translate a website, brochure, or blog post? How about an entire magazine?

How much will it cost if you need 10 000 words translated from Chinese into English? How are the rates calculated? What are the additional costs, if any? How is the payment processed?


  1. What type of services do you offer?


Different companies offer different services. Some companies only offer document translation, while others also offer localization, copywriting and design services. Make sure to ask about the company’s range of services, and see if they can meet your specific needs.


  1. How is the quality of your work guaranteed?


Some companies offer a money-back guarantee on the quality of their work, while others offer a satisfaction guarantee. Make sure to ask about this before you commit to working with a company.


  1. How long will it take?

China sourcing agents

This is an important question. How long will your document translation take? How many words can be translated per day? How long will it take for the final proofreading? How much time is needed to complete the localization process? Make sure to ask about deadlines, and find out how this fits with your own specific requirements.


  1. How do you communicate with the client?


Some companies offer real-time communication, while others send out updates every other day. How often will you be updated about the progress of your project? How can you contact the company if there’s a problem or query?

How should the client submit their files and request changes? How will these changes be handled? Make sure to iron out all the details before starting work with a sourcing company.


How to Get into the Australian market


In this part, we will share some advice about the Australian market. If you want to source products from other countries for Australia. This content may be helpful.




The Australian season in the southern hemisphere is the opposite of the northern hemisphere: summer from December to February each year and winter from June to August each year.


Buyers are more sensitive to seasonal goods such as clothing. In fact, the Australian market is highly competitive because many overseas suppliers plan to offer a large number of lower-priced items during the opposite season in the northern hemisphere.


Australia’s unique mild climate has a considerable impact on sourcing commerce. There are no four seasons here as in the United States and European countries, and Australian importers and retailers usually consider only winter and summer goods, rather than purchasing goods for spring and autumn. Retailers will inquire about early summer and late summer merchandise, but this component is only marginally different in the purchase of merchandise throughout the summer.


For example, seasonal merchandise in the apparel category is usually sourced during the following periods: Summer: orders are placed in October of the first year to January of the following year and arrive in Australia in May/June. Winter: orders are placed from April to July of each year and arrive in Australia in November and January of the following year.


In other words, summer clothing orders are usually placed before the onset of summer in Australia, and shipments arrive in the winter. Likewise, orders for winter goods usually occur in the winter of the previous year and arrive in the summer.


There are also some peak selling seasons that are the same as the western markets, such as: Christmas (December): the peak season for sales of gift and toy items. The vast majority of Christmas merchandise is ordered in January/February each year, with shipments arriving in Australia in September.

Mother’s Day (May) and Father’s Day (September): Retailers also see these two holidays as good times to sell, so they usually want to get their shipments in two months before the holidays.

Easter (March/April): This is the “autumn” period in Australia and is the peak season for confectionery and toys, while clothing does not play a major role in sales during this time.

Overseas suppliers should also be aware that the period from December to January is the summer vacation in Australia and most companies choose to take at least half a month off in January. Also, June 30th of each year is the financial settlement date for the entire state of Australia, so it would be wise not to choose mid-June to mid-July to visit here.


Other important regulations and standards

There are also important regulations related to importation and distribution, such as import duties, quarantine systems, packaging labeling requirements, and safety and health standards.


Regulations related to packaging and labeling


There are a number of mainstream trends that will affect the Australian packaging industry over the next two decades, which are important for all companies seeking to export to Australia.


Packaging will have a more direct impact on these areas: product appearance, marketability, and retail packaging, all of which will have a direct impact on competitiveness in the Australian market.

E-commerce operational processes


For overseas suppliers, packaging manufacturers, retailers, and consumers who supply raw materials, it is entirely possible to operate through a purchasing chain on the Internet.


In this procurement chain, such as from the design of the packaging to the final product, it is possible to fully demonstrate this efficient electronic means, which, with its widespread application, will make this “digital art” more globally integrated.


The impact of social change


As the population ages, the social structure of Australia is changing, and this is having an impact on the packaging of goods. Demand for individual or small packages of convenience foods is on the rise, as is the popularity of measured packaging for unit foods.

In addition, among these growing trends, Australia’s aging population is more concerned about the design, packaging, and labeling aspects of goods.


In the Australian packaging industry, the issue of whether the goods are environmentally friendly is very important, they put environmental protection to a strategic level, for the recycling of different materials of packaging to take different measures.  In NSW, single-serving plastic packaging has been banned.

However, there are no legal restrictions on packaging in Australia, and as you want to enter the Australian market, you have to have a clear understanding of this.

Customs clearance of Import and export products in Australia

There are more matters that need to be paid attention to when importing and exporting goods in Australia than in other countries, so we need to know more about them before the transaction in order to make the transaction go smoothly. So, what are the matters that need to be noted for customs clearance of import and export goods in Australia?


1. Avoid low declaration of import

Like all other countries in the world, Australian customs is very strict in managing import under-declaration incidents. Many sellers choose to under-declare the price of their products in order to let customers save on customs clearance costs, but Australian customs will never condone this. If the product is detained by customs because of low declaration, it will be more than worth the loss, so such a simple mistake should not be made.

2. Raw wood products need to be steamed

If the company’s products are sofas, chairs, and other wooden products, you must show proof that the wood products have been steamed, if there is no proof of steaming of wood products, customs will not release them. Even if the product’s packaging box is wooden, also needs to show the packaging box after special treatment of the documentary proof. At the same time, it is worth noting that one certificate can only prove the safety of the goods in one port, so when we send our goods to more than one port, we have to distribute one certificate to each port.


3. Avoiding sensitive goods


Australia takes import management of sensitive goods very seriously, so we need to know in advance which items are sensitive goods for Australia. For example, plants and animals are forbidden to be imported into Australia. If our products contain animal and plant ingredients, and the ingredients are low or even negligible, we should not add the names of animals and plants in the product introduction, because once the names of animals and plants appear, the probability of customs clearance will be much lower.


4. Submit relevant documents and pay customs duties according to customs requirements

We have to follow the relevant provisions of the customs and will submit all documents prepared in advance, if the customs notice we have to submit fewer documents, in order to ensure the timely issuance of goods, we have to do our best to make up the documents in the shortest possible time.


As for the payment of customs duties, we can never pay less than what we should pay, and we should actively request for reduction of the part that can be reduced or exempted by law.

5. Ensure that the documents and goods match

When we prepare the relevant information, we should not only ensure that the documents are complete but also ensure that the single goods match the seal.


We must issue the documents and the actual goods to be shipped in line if the single goods do not match, or is not released by the customs detection.


Even if the goods are not detected before shipment, the customer will get into trouble when picking up the goods, and the goods may even be detained by customs, bringing obstacles to the smooth cooperation between us and the customer.


If our staff accidentally fills in the packing list wrong, we must change it in time, correct the error as soon as possible, minimize the negative impact of the error, criticize and educate the staff concerned, and pay more attention to it in the next work.

Top ten China sourcing companies Australia for reference

Pangea Source

Pangea is your No.1 choice for product sourcing in Australia, with factory partners across China and other markets you can be sure that the products are sourced from the right place

Pangea’s mission has always been about being sustainable as well as ethical when it comes to business practices while at the same time-saving customers over 20% on their orders  Pangea’s vision would like nothing more than help Australian businesses by providing them high-quality items at affordable prices

The Sourcing Co.

What if you didn’t have to choose between a low-cost, but inefficient manufacturing service or one that is more expensive but helps your business make money?

The Sourcing Co. offers both supply and manufacturing services that can be combined into one end result; we at TheSourcingCo go “factory direct.”

As an entrepreneurial startup with global reach in mind – no matter how small or large – our goal has been simplifying everything for businesses of all sizes by eliminating layers within their value chain (from retailer/distributor + stock supplier). This way there’s less reliance on human resources while also reducing costs overall through reduced middlemen commissions!

We have a wide range of products to supply, not just in the food industry. We can source for any product and deliver it with efficiency thanks to our experienced team


Vara Allied

When director Ross Gobby realized his company was making more money selling products than they were importing, he started Vara Allied. Initially, a project for other businesses in Western Australia to help them save costs and increase profits like himself had done years before with Chinese goods; this idea later expanded throughout the country as it became apparent how much could be gained from cheaper costuming options – especially now that we’re all living life online!

Craig Tyrrell has been a part of the company since 2015 and brings with him experience in engineering design. His fresh perspective on sourcing products will be an asset as Vara Allied grows throughout Australia and Worldwide to meet client demand for Chinese goods

Yarra Valley), while still being reactive enough when needed by Australian buyers or importers/exporters looking outwards towards global markets like Indonesia (Bali) during festival season).

We’re not just another company: we are the blueprint for success! We will help you succeed by providing leading-edge products, world-class service, and more efficient importing processes than anyone else out there.



In the wake of recent changes in relations and trade partnerships with China, Australia has seen an increased demand for importing products from Chinese manufacturers. With almost 40 years of experience sourcing products, importing them into Australian markets as well as logistics services across Asia Pacific we’re more than qualified to assist you!

The MyShipper team are here at your service whether it be finding that one special item or arranging a full container load; let us take care of everything so all can focus on what matters most: Your Business

With reliable teams in both China and Australia, MyShipper is an easy and efficient gateway for businesses to source products from overseas. By using the service of a third-party logistics provider like my shipment (My supplier), Australian companies can buy directly from Chinese manufacturers which are oftentimes more affordable than buying locally due to high shipping fees or other costs associated with importing goods into your country’s borders. this means reduced costs on behalf of you; it also helps support local economies by keeping money within our own economy rather than sending back payments made towards international suppliers!

China Direct Sourcing

China Direct Sourcing is a company that offers Western companies an opportunity to deal directly with factories in China, reducing the risks. They have headquarters in Brisbane and employ 10 team members there as well as one office located on Chinese soil for sourcing goods from these same manufacturers direct instead of through intermediaries like other Chinese agencies do; this cuts out any unnecessary costs while also providing greater access than many other international suppliers or distributors may offer because they can speak fluent Mandarin! You’ll want use their services if you’re looking at getting quality produce not only cheaply but also quickly too- since everything needs be ordered by phone before shipment so no waiting around here either (they keep things moving!).




At Meeno, we provide a complete sourcing service in China. Our services include and not limited to: Quality inspection; Sourcing products from all over the world using our vast network of suppliers – including but not limited too North America or Europe! We also offer quality storage for your goods while they’re being shipped across oceans (or if you live locally) so that there’s no need worry about them getting lost along the way either-and finally custom clearance shipments home after their long trip abroad!.

In case you are still looking for  trustworthy agents t save both time and cost? Contact us today!



Hornet Import & Export Group

At Hornet Import & Export Group, our experienced team will streamline the process of importing from China. Whether you’re an existing importer or wholesaler looking to outsource your manufacturing needs; we have a solution for every business size!


Are you looking for a trustworthy Chinese manufacturer to produce your product? Then we are the team for you. Our experienced import services include quality assurance checks and factory audits, manufacturing-guided tours of China factories or wholesalers as well as logistics in Australia when importing goods from there – all with just one call away!




We partner with fast-growing and established E-commerce brands to help them navigate the complex world of sourcing.

As a company that has physical offices around the world, we can guarantee high-quality products on-time delivery for your business or brand’s requirements no matter where you are in Australia!

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with 60+ full-time staff and major offices around the globe including China and India – we’re on a mission to help all businesses connect.

There is nothing we can’t achieve.  Our global reach and expertise mean that you will always walk away with a satisfied customer who has achieved their dream wardrobe, no matter what country they’re in or how much money they have available for clothing purchases!



Welcome to Colourblocker, a top Australian dropshipping supplier and wholesaler that provides sellers with access to 1000s of trending products for their eBay or Amazon stores. For the past 7 years, our business has helped other eCommerce businesses start from scratch – helping them grow into successful profitable companies by making it easier than ever before!


Our goal is to focus on our power sourcing and supplying the most innovative, unique, cool & quirky kitchen gadgets available. So if you want a little help around your home or office – we’ve got what’s best for everyone!

Focusing mainly in Australia but also international retailers who are looking outwards from their store locations towards online shoppers—we provide quality products at affordable prices with quick delivery times all over world markets via drop shipping programs which have helped many companies get off the ground or retain existing customer bases by offering them an ever-changing selection of goodies that suits anyone’s taste (even those picky eaters!).


Dragon Sourcing

Dragon Sourcing is a procurement service provider that delivers values to client organizations through global sourcing operations.

The company’s mission statement promises “to help clients with their procurement from emerging markets whether for export or local requirements.” With this in mind, Dragon offers market intelligence, supplier identification and audits of suppliers’ production methods – all while negotiating contracts between buyer-partner companies on behalf of its customers around the world!

The procurement of goods and services from emerging markets is the key to a company’s success, according to Dragon Sourcing. They deliver significant value in this area by working with only top-tier clients who have an eye on both qualities as well as cost savings; all while delivering long-term relationships based on trustworthiness and transparency through business integrity.



Avasant is a leading management consulting firm focused on translating the power of technology into realizable business strategies. Specializing in digital and IT transformation, sourcing advisory, global strategy, and governance services, Avasant prides itself on delivering high-value engagements through industry-focused innovation and flexible client-based solutions.


Axia is a global sourcing service provider with more than 15 years of experience helping US-based companies outsource manufacturing to China and India factories. Established in 2003, Axia identified and refined competitive global sources for a leading manufacturer of commercial food service beverage equipment. The need for achieving greater economies of scale eventually led to the formation of key business relationships with like-minded manufacturers

Because of our in-depth understanding of how critical a reliable supply chain is to every manufacturing operation, we evaluate global sources to exact standards for technical and logistical strength. Going beyond that, we put our own people on the ground at our different global manufacturing facilities to inspect and monitor every aspect of the production process. . Working with a dedicated strategic sourcing consultant, you’ll receive personalized service that guarantees growth and prosperity for your company. Our quality assurance program includes preliminary feasibility analysis, inspection guidelines, and production reports to ensure we exceed our customer’s expectations.


Homeware Products Australia

Homeware Products Australia has an established extensive supplier base located throughout China!

With our reputable manufacturing partners, we are capable of sourcing specific products for your business.

Whether it be supplying an exclusive item for your organization or simply supplying one of our existing items with your specific packaging/design requirements, we can do it.

We offer a cost-effective and efficient supply chain solution to any business. We can deliver a specific product that meets all your requirements direct from the overseas factory floor to your premises in Australia.

Network Global Solutions Pty Ltd (NGS)

Network Global Solutions Pty Ltd (NGS) was founded by Darren Whittaker in 2008.  Darren has more than 20 years of experience in international trade, and saw a great opportunity for a global sourcing company that can deliver on its customers’ expectations of quality, reliability, dependability and communication.

Since 2008, Darren, and NGS has visited over 500 factories, in countless different industries, markets and countries. Constantly maintaining, and building relationships with the best and most innovative factories. Fulfilling order for customers around the world with great satisfaction. Adding value, meeting compliance and achieving high quality in fast lead times. NGS strives to deliver sustainable and ethical supply chain practices and conducts regular in-person audits.

Arcadia Sourcing International Ltd.

Established in 2001 Arcadia Sourcing International Ltd. (ASIL) is a sourcing and manufacturing company based out of Hong Kong and China. We work with all types of clients across the United States, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia to source products in the open market and develop OEM products as needed.

  • We are a small company with highly experienced personnel.  The success of every account is personal.  We put our full attention into each project to provide quality results.
  • We are thorough and committed to providing an efficient turnaround time with top-notch, high-quality results.
  • Each employee has a minimum of 10 years, up to 30 years of experience in the industry.
  • Studied and graduated in the United States (the perfect blend of bringing together East and West mindset).

International Procurement Agency

Our goal as sourcing agents is to help clients to produce what they have imagined in their minds…we’ll help make your dream product a reality.

Founded in 1981, International Procurement Agency B.V. has grown to become one of the leading organizations in providing superior supply, procurement, consultancy services, and emergency response on a global scale to principals in all parts of the developing world on a strictly independent basis.

IPA closely adheres to the specific rules and guidelines set out by its principals. Our staff is well versed in the comprehensive procurement regimes and project management methods of the various bi- and multilateral donors.

IPA guarantees a tailor-made, efficient, fully transparent, and accountable procurement, supply, and advisory process, whether we source the required products for the project’s implementation, select the most appropriate contractor for the equipment to be purchased or the appropriate consultant for the assignment.

EDS International

EDS International is a sourcing partner that steps in to make the process easier and be your eyes and ears on the ground for global product sourcing. We have been a global sourcing company and procurement agent for over 36 years.

We originally focused on China and Asian suppliers in the 1980s and have gradually expanded our expertise into other developing countries around the world. We are keenly aware of how important a China +1 Strategy has become for most businesses.

We have continued to develop and grow our global product sourcing team and now have a network of international sourcing engineering specialists and offices in other developing countries in Asia and beyond. We also have a sourcing company in the USA that can handle all of your local and international sourcing requirements. We work locally as your sourcing partner to find a supplier and procurement solution that best suits your needs while reducing production costs and proactively managing quality control risks. Whether it’s Asian sourcing or a sourcing company in the USA that you are looking for, we have the technical and engineering experts to meet your needs.


Keen Sourcing

Keen Sourcing is a leading sourcing agent company in China, dedicated to helping startups, crowdfunding campaigns, and Amazon sellers source products from China, to ensure the best quality, regulatory compliance, and at the lowest cost. Keen Sourcing has become a portal for international buyers to connect the expertise and resources of the manufacturing industry in China.

Our sourcing services include product sourcing, price negotiation, supplier verification, factory audit, production monitoring, lab testing, order follow-up, quality control, quality inspection, logistics support, etc. We provide complete service for Amazon Sellers, including customized packaging, Amazon label, FBA Shipping, etc.


TCI China

We are TCI China. We are the leading provider of consultancy services to companies who wish to source products from China or wish to develop sales of their products in China.

Our mission, vision, and values are the DNA of our organization. These strengths drive us forward and touch every business decision. From our culture to the services we offer around the globe, we are a company dedicated to our client’s success.

Our mission is to increase the value, wealth, and opportunities offered by China to companies of all sizes throughout the world.
Our vision is to be an international leader in providing China consulting services to companies across the globe.


Having difficulty locating dependable suppliers? Look no further, MatchSourcing is based in Guangzhou, China, one of the world’s major product sourcing agencies known for its full services and high quality.

We have easy access to transit. We specialize in exporting numerous products from the Chinese market; we help source the items you want. You don’t even have to go all the way to China to get reliable goods.

We accept responsibility for the success of your product sourcing because we are confident in our ability to deliver. Matchsourcing is here to assure maximum efficiency, cost savings, and profitability from your initial free consultation to the delivery of your goods and beyond.

the benefits of Sourcing agents



The age of globalization has allowed businesses to take advantage of a vast array of resources and goods from around the world. This is why sourcing companies have become so popular in Australia, as they can provide you with local vendors that offer all sorts of products at an affordable price. Finding the best company for your needs starts with doing some research into what differentiates one from another. Here are our top ten China Sourcing Companies in Australia who we’ve selected based on their excellent reputation, large product catalogs, affordability, and more!

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us! We will reply to it as soon as possible. Thanks for your reading!