The Importance of Customized Products and Services

One man is writing something on the notebook
One man is writing something on the notebook


Customized products are a must in this day and age.

The key to success is to offer something that no one else does. What can you do?

Offer an exclusive product, design your own line of clothing, or provide personalized service for customers.

In this article, we will share our experience about customized products and services, just reading on, you will get the information you need.

What Are Customized Products and Services?


Customized products are the ones created for a specific customer. This product is made according to different needs, such as color, size and so on. In other words, consumers receive what they ask for.

Customized services have the same idea applied: people get exactly what matches their expectations or preferences.

There are several types of customized products. Some examples could be customized clothing, accessories, books, furniture and toys.

Customized services also have different categories: event planning, babysitting service and so on.


What is the difference between a personalized product and a customized one?


Any  product can be customized. However, it is not the same as personalized product.

A personalized product is one made of a template based on an already existing item (for example: a T-shirt with a pre-printed design).

A customized product more often than not has no resemblance to any other object, and every single detail can be  customized.

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What is the difference between customized and mass production?

As we know, mass production means producing a large number of items using the same template. The opposite to this is mass customization. This term consists in creating products for every customer individually according to his/her needs and preferences. A good example for this would be receiving a new car with a unique color.

Do customized products cost more than non-customized ones?


The price of the personalized items may vary according to numerous factors. For example, it can depend on the complexity of a product, length and number of processes involved in making it. Besides this, some customers consider that having a personalized item represents higher value compared to a mass-produced item.

How much time does it take to prepare customized products?


It depends on the product and how specific the customer wishes them to be. In some cases, customized items can require several weeks of work before being sent to the buyer.

Which are more common: customized services or customized products?

The vast majority of customized products are not common at all. For this reason, the services oriented to providing customized items are more common.


Do I have to spend more money when buying customized products and services?


Buying a customized product or service implies an additional cost compared with purchasing a similar item that has not been created specifically for you. However, it can also represent an investment.

Why people need customized products and services

People need products and services that are customized to their preferences.

People want to choose the features of a product they are going to buy, so they get what they really need and not just something off-the-shelf which might not be exactly what is required.

In a similar fashion, people can also ask for customizations when it comes to services they use.

Also, if people can make requests to the provider of a product or service, it is much more likely that the people who are actually using it will be happy with their purchase.

People cannot always know all possible features and benefits of certain products and services; therefore asking for customizations increases the chances that users will get exactly what they want or need.

Also, people who often ask for customizations are not satisfied with the off-the-shelf options and think that their requests will be better accepted if they go to someone directly and speak about it personally rather than just trying to find a product on the Internet.

It also seems like sometimes companies operate with some urgency when trying to meet client demands.

Finally, being able to get a customized product or service is more convenient and time-saving because people do not have to spend valuable time searching for what they want on the Internet but instead can go straight to the provider who already has all their information and just needs certain changes made. In addition, if one company already has all the information about a person, it is much easier for them to produce customized products and services.

All three factors mentioned above make people very likely to want products and services that are customized as they know that this might bring in front benefits which other options cannot provide.

Customization can also be useful when it comes to cultural differences because a customized product or service can be adjusted in a way which makes it easier for people with different backgrounds to use.

The benefits of customizing products and services are endless. Whether someone is trying to buy a new electric toothbrush, or get a specific design on their shirt, people want options that fit them perfectly as they understand how important it is to find a product or service which is tailored to them.

Companies are not always aware of everything people might want, but when they are given the chance and have some time to explore their needs, it seems like most will be able to give their customers exactly what they need in an efficient manner.

Customizing also saves both money and time for  both parties involved in the transaction because if someone has a set of pre-made products, their choices are limited to these items and they cannot make any changes.

On the other hand, when people get customizations on demand they know that no time or money will be wasted as all options can be explored until something which is really perfect for them is found .

Also, companies know that if they do customize their products or services a little bit for people, this might make them more likely to come back and use the same provider again.

It seems like businesses prioritize their budget in order to get more from each customer which is why doing something nice for them so quickly might bring new possibilities of repeat business which  will translate in long-term benefits.

Finally, customizing products and services can be done quickly which means that people are more likely to get what they want before a certain deadline. When someone needs something right away, there is not much time for them to run around trying to find the perfect product or service; therefore asking for customization might be preferable

Today, every business is about to be digitalized.

Indeed, a lot of companies are trying to change their strategy and to adapt with the market trend.

This means that they need more customized products and services.

The Benefits of Customized Products and Services

There are some benefits associated with this demand:

  • Cost-efficiency

In fact, if you customize your product or service you will be able to cut the production costs. For example, if you buy customized T-shirts for your business instead of using a mass production process you can achieve cost benefits because there are not many expenses associated with creating just one item. If you go a step further and provide made-to-measure items (in which e.g., only the sleeves are customized), then the benefits will be even more pronounced.


  •  Higher productivity

Customization means that companies don’t have to keep a lot of inventory, so their production capacity is increased as well. Once again, if you want an example, look at what Amazon does with its Kindle products: providing customers with avery customer receives something unique) your costs will be even lower.


  • The opportunity to meet customer needs

Since every customer is different and has different preferences, you need a customized product or service to address that particular market segment’s concerns. For instance, if you are selling clothes for kids and babies it would make sense to have items manufactured in natural materials (like cotton or linen) because that is what your customers are looking for. If you use mass production, this may not be possible as the processes often require synthetic materials (like polyester).


Other benefits of customized products and services are:


– The possibility to target a specific group of people in need of special care;


– The chance to get involved in a more sustainable fashion;


– Meeting the ecological requirements of your customers.

… And these are only some of the specific examples that show how this competitive edge can bring you new and loyal customers.

Today, many companies from all types of industries have started to become aware of this trend and decided to make their products and services more customized.

The key of success is to slowly integrate this approach into your whole business model so that it becomes second nature in the future.


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Customized products and services are more individualized than mass-produced items. You can customize the product to suit your specific needs, or get a personalized service that is tailor made for you. These customized products may cost more but it’s worth it when they’re tailored to meet your requirements exactly. It also takes time for companies to produce these customizations so be sure to plan ahead if needed! There are many reliable companies out there who offer customizable products and services; we hope this article has helped you identify some of them!

If you still have other questions, please feel free to contact us