OEM in Automobile:Everything You Have to Know about

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The automobile industry is one of the biggest industries in the world.

The OEM component buyers are crucial to help keep this industry running smoothly by providing needed parts at a reasonable price.

In this article, we will discuss the way to get high quality OEM component from different channels, and explain why turning to the sourcing agencies is a better choice.


What Does OEM Mean?

OEM stands for ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’. The term can apply to any product, but most often it is used in the automotive industry.

An OEM is a company that produces parts or equipment which are sold to another manufacturer of end products.

That other manufacturer then markets these items as part of their product line with their own branding.

OEM is a term that applies to all types of equipment, not just cars. For example, the Xbox 360 was made by Microsoft but it used hardware from IBM and ATI.

The motherboard was designed by IBM but manufactured by Foxconn, and the graphics card was made by ATI but marketed as a product of Microsoft. Other examples include Apple who make their own Mac computers, but use Intel’s CPUs under the hood.

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OEM in Automobile

One of the most important decisions an automobile manufacturer has to make is what product they use on their car. Even though it may seem like a small part, the right intake manifold can mean a big difference in how a car performs.

Many mechanics recommend buying OEM products for your car because these parts are original equipment made by automakers and designed to perfectly fit your car. OEM products are usually expensive, but it’s better to buy once and pay more than buy many times for less money.

Every single component on a car has to be tightly sealed together in order to work rpoperly. If you use parts that are not manufactured by the same company that made your car, then they may come apart or get stuck together someday. This could make your car stop working or cause serious harm to you and other drivers on the road.

So, when looking for replacement parts for your car, don’t assume that all aftermarket products are equal. Check online reviews before buying anything because these can help you find out if people have had problems with certain brands or models.

 Many companies that sell OEM products online also have user reviews so you can see what users thought of the product.

No matter how you go about choosing replacement parts for your car, just remember to use OEM products only. This will guarantee that your car runs smoothly and does not put your life or anyone else’s in danger.


The Benefits of OEM Components in Automobile Industry

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer is an acronym used to describe a manufacturer that makes the electronics, designed for the device.

The OEM product in automobiles are parts which are not manufactured by the car company itself but by other companies called aftermarket manufacturers.

The first car company involved with OEM was Nissan, who partnered with Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd. to provide an aftermarket product.

One of the most known OEM products is the audio system installed on a car, which is not manufactured by the automobile company that makes the car but another company called Alpine or Pioneer.

Another example are the engine parts attached to the main engine, which are made by other companies like Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Ford and other automobile companies. The OEM engine parts are interchangeable with the car company’s brand name.

Today we can find a different kind of OEM product in cars like the tyres which aren’t manufactured by an automobile company but rather by another company like Michelin, Bridgestone and Pirelli which make aftermarket products.

Another OEM product which is the number one choice for many car drivers are the alloy wheels, which can be purchased from companies like BBS and OZ.

OEM products work in conjunction with the aftermarket market which meet certain standards. The company has its own expensive equipment to produce the finished parts;

Cars manufactures uses OEM engine parts because the parts are designed to fit the car model perfectly, which is something that can’t be said about aftermarket parts.

High standard of the product quality

The benefits of OEM component for cars are the high standards which the company has regarding its products and machines used in producing them, unlike aftermarket manufacturers where standards aren’t set at this time. There’s also no need to worry about the parts not matching because the same model of car uses the same OEM product.


Superior quality

OEM audio systems are superior to aftermarket products when it comes to sound quality and noise reduction. The standard created by the company concerning its sound system is much higher than in a regular car audio system, which has a major impact on the result.

OEM alloy wheels are made with designs and special machinery allowing the company to offer the best alloy wheel design on the market. The finish is also perfect because it’s done by an expensive machine.

Another example of OEM component for cars is the tyre, which will meet the car manufacturer specific demands for load index and speed rating, which also guarantees safety for the driver of the car.

High cost performance

OEM products are the best choice for people who want to use original parts but don’t want to spend too much money; there’s no need to worry about the quality of the part because it will meet standards of high quality.


The OEM company is also responsible if something goes wrong with the product because it’s covered by a warranty.

So, if you’re looking for a high quality aftermarket part the best choice is OEM products made by leading brands in the automobile industry which guarantee excellent performance and durability. They fit perfectly to the car model they have been made for which gives extra safety when driving; however there are also other options like aftermarket products which can be purchased to replace the default parts for a lower price.


The benefits of OEM component for cars are high quality, excellent performance and durability; it’s an option worth considering when buying replacement parts.


How to Get High Quality Components for Automobile

In general, there are three ways to get original parts from car manufacturer:

  • Changing used part directly in the car with the new one
  • Ask car dealer for a copy of components (if they can make it because you need same brand like their own etc.)
  •  Requesting OEM product (original equipment manufacturer) which is available to public

First two ways are kind of complicated, so you will need to know some information about parts and manufacturers. Unless you really need the product copy or dealer provide it for free, because OEM is much better than original part.

To start with, if the replacement part is not available in car manufacturer’s network (dealer) – you will need to find it in other companies.

Manufacturer sites can be helpful, or you can simply use Internet search engine for this purpose.

The most important information here is the brand because there are many manufacturers of the same part – different quality, price etc. So when you have list, just pick one that has good score on review sites or that is used by many people.

It is good idea to try OEM product because it will ensure high quality and durability.

All car accessories are designed for specific cars, so even if you can use generic part, it will not fit well or may look bad in your automobile.

Although at the beginning this will cost much more than original part (if available), but as time passes you will save a lot of money because it has much longer durability.

The only disadvantage is that most car manufacturers do not produce their own equipment, but ask for their needs to the companies which specialize in production of OEM components.

Because there are many manufacturers on each market, you can even buy a part with another brand and manufacturer.

It is not recommended to buy from eBay auctions, because you should have guarantee that equipment was not used for other car models.

Also prices on auction are much higher then in shops which sell OEM products. So to find the proper supplier just shop around normally or look at manufacturer website.

Under such condition, An excellent sourcing agency would be your good choice.


Why turn to the Sourcing agencies for OEM component ?


Sourcing agencies are the ones who procure the component suppliers for automobile manufacturers.

They help in sourcing out the part that exceeds the production capacity of OEM manufacturer, or sourcing an alternative supply when the supply from original supplier is interrupted either by accident or design.

There are many sourcing agencies in each country that comply with industry standards and requirements to ensure smooth sourcing process.

Sourcing agencies are generally used when sourcing the component for automobile manufacturing industry where OEM manufacturers do not have enough facilities to produce components in demand, or production capacity is low and there is also high risk of interruption by supplier.

These sourcing agencies help in procuring alternative supply or sourcing an alternative supplier if need be. The sourcing agency would procure the original part from supplier and supply it to OEM manufacturer.

Sourcing agencies help in sourcing a part that does not meet the demand, sourcing a part that exceeds production capacity or sourcing alternatives when there is interruption of supply by original suppliers. They also help in sourcing spare parts for automobile manufacturer’s products.

The sourcing agency would procure the original part either directly from supplier or through exchange of tenders, depending on agreement between sourcing agency and OEM manufacturer.

Some sourcing agencies also help in sourcing alternatives when there is interruption of production capacity due to accident or design by original suppliers. These sourcing agencies generally do not have any inventory but source the components from supplier who can supply within a short span of time.

OEM manufacturers generally provide sourcing agencies with the list of parts that they need to procure and sourcing agency takes care of sourcing out the part from supplier, negotiating with original suppliers and sourcing alternatives when required.

OEM manufacturer also provides sourcing agencies with specification sheet or blueprint for all types of automobile components and sourcing agency suggest alternate suppliers if needed after verifying the same with their own independent sources.

Sourcing agency submits sourcing report to OEM manufacturer, which consists of all the parts procured from original supplier along with the warranty, replacement cost etc. The sourcing agency is responsible for warranty and other claims on behalf of OEM manufacturer.

The sourcing process starts by identifying local or overseas supply source that can supply components needed by automobile manufacturers. There are many sourcing agencies in each country that comply with industry standards and requirements to ensure smooth sourcing process.

With the close connection between OEM manufacturers and sourcing agencies, that’s why we recommend you to turn to a excellent agency.

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As you can see, OEM refers to the original equipment manufacturer.

These are companies that make parts for cars and other types of vehicles but do not sell them in stores or directly to consumers.

This is one way that manufacturers maintain control over their own products by ensuring they are manufactured properly without any interference from competitors who might want to offer a cheaper version with lower quality materials.

If you’re looking for high-quality components for your automobile, turn to an OEM supplier!

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us, we will reply as soon as possible. Thanks for your reading.