An Ultimate Guide to Product Sourcing for Amazon

A gift box tied with a card which "sale" on it. Two credit cards are beside the box.
A gift box tied with a card which "sale" on it. Two credit cards are beside the box.


It is a great decision to sell products on Amazon and there are many potential benefits to doing so.

However, one of the decisions you will need to make early on is what type of product you want to sell

This choice can be difficult because there are so many options available, but we are here to help make it a little easier for you.

In this post, we will discuss some of the things you should keep in mind when choosing a product to sell on Amazon.

Other than the product choices,  we also will provide a list of where to source products

Finally, we will introduce the sourcing agency and its benefits for your reference.

We believe that this blog will be helpful in Product Sourcing for Amazon, do not miss it!

The blog will include the following content:

The Importance of Choosing the product  on Amazon

Amazon’s Rules about Product categories

The Platform you Choose for Product Sourcing for Amazon

Another Choice: Sourcing agency

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The Importance of Choosing the product  on Amazon

The importance of product selection is ranked in the first position for the people who make their lives on Amazon

Buyers search the products by entering keywords, which will be matched with the information provided by the seller for the goods (trade name, description, etc.).

how much does The text match with the keywords, commodity price, availability, selection and sales history, and other factors, all these factors determine the merchant’s ranking in the buyer’s search results?

By providing relevant and complete information about the merchandise, you can increase the exposure and sales of the merchandise.

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1 Amazon’s platform business logic

For one thing, Amazon puts emphasis on products over stores. Products are easy to find. Getting into the store through your product are more difficult. You need to click on the product listing to find the link to the store and the overall performance of the store.
That’s the first reason why we have to focus more on Amazon product

Most buyers find the product they want through keyword searching and then buy them directly after seeing what they like, instead of looking for other products specified in the store.

This business logic also matches the shopping habits of Europeans and Americans, who like to search for keywords to reach the selection page of the product they want to buy.

And Chinese people will habitually click on the product’s store after buying the product, to see if the store has related supporting products.

Second, Amazon will give priority to quality products. As we all know, the most important thing is the traffic, e-commerce platform website is also the same Amazon will spend money on Google, Facebook, and other sites or offline advertising for the traffic, this is a cost.

So how to use this traffic to realize the flow of cash and profit, Amazon’s choice providing import traffic to quality products, on the one hand, quality products have a high purchase conversion rate, on the other hand, quality products are more likely to get good reviews from users, thus achieving customer retention and repeat purchases, through the flow of one-time payment to achieve multiple returns on user purchases.

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2 . Rules of Amazon

Amazon does not require companies to sell the products in accordance with the scope of the business license, so the platform has the largest proportion of trade-based seller companies, rather than production-based seller companies.

Trading companies are certainly profit-oriented. It can get more traffic from the platform than the mixed companies.


3. Products come with competitiveness

If there is a good product in line with the real needs of the market customers, to solve the customer demand, Amazon will give priority to pushing quality products.

On the contrary, a product needs non-stop advertising support, and off-site promotions to support, that the product is unworth your hardworking.


Amazon’s Rules about Product categories

At any time, all the products on Amazon should follow the rules set by the Amazon platform, a variety of categories of products are only after the security audit can be sold, which is also to allow consumers to better choose the products they need, Amazon platform products are mainly divided into five categories, each category will have the corresponding rules, the following mainly to talk about the corresponding rules

1. The Electric Mobile Product

If you want to sell this kind of product on various major sites on Amazon,

The first category is mainly electric mobile goods, about this category if you want to sell electric mobile goods in various major sites on Amazon, you must submit the relevant information and various product certificates, and various types of documents to apply for audit. Only after the audit, you can sell and sell goods.

2. Toys

The second category is toys, this kind of this commodity is in the global scope,
Amazon site in different countries has a different requirement for the products. If you want to sell the products in America, you have to make the process in line with the laws and regulations of the United States. It’s the same in the other countries.

3. Consumer electronics products

The third category is mainly consumer electronics products, this one product is sold in the United States, you must follow the corresponding provisions, including the provisions of the entire standard test report submitted by the mobile power, but also to provide relevant documents to prove that the product meets the standard.

4. Electrical products

The fourth category is mainly electrical products, it should be noted that do not confuse electronic products and electrical products, electrical products are mainly sold in the United States,

the label of this kind of product should be placed on the product detail page or on the surface of the product packaging.

5. bathroom products

Bathroom products are the fifth category, this category of goods must be described, the main description of the content is based on the amount of water per minute, each cycle, and the number of liters per flush, the Amazon platform is also set up for the relevant categories of consumers can more quickly query, all commodity categories are very safe, consumers can also better guarantee the choice.


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The Platform you Choose for Product Sourcing for Amazon



Alibaba is the world’s largest B2B trading platform dedicated to e-commerce on the Internet, including business-to-business, retail, and consumer sales portals. It also provides online payment services, a search engine, and cloud data storage services. Platform buyers come from more than 190 countries. Suppliers can register for free and list up to 50 products, but to list more products they must purchase a membership.

Global Sources

GlobalSources (GSOL) is one of the first B2B platforms to be listed on NASDAQ under the GSOL name, based in China, with 1.4 million sellers from around the world. Global Sources allows suppliers to register for free and list up to 100 products. Most suppliers come from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Like Alibaba, Globalsources is a directory of manufacturers and suppliers, mainly Chinese, to facilitate B2B e-commerce. The platform is associated with international trade fairs in Hong Kong and is attended by well-known manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. (DHgate) is a micro-B2B platform that allows importers from around the world to purchase small quantities of Chinese goods at wholesale prices. The platform has over 1.2 million international sellers supplying over 33 million products. It has 10 million buyers worldwide and supports English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Vendors can register for free. In addition, Shopify also supports the sale of products.

Founded in 1996, Made-in-china is one of the world’s most popular online B2B portals for China. It supplies over 3,500 products. The platform supports 11 languages and has over 1 million suppliers that can register for free. Made in China focuses on providing easy access and improved web-based trading solutions for SMEs to facilitate China’s trade globally.

It is a Toprank service that randomly ranks your product information in the top 10, as each keyword only sells in the top 10;

Of course, there will be different levels of service available for premium members according to your needs, and also help to recommend your product information to foreign buyers.

The price is moderate, the effect is okay, the inquiry emails are targeted, and the Made in China inquiry system is a one-to-one delivery method: foreign buyers see your product information after the inquiry emails are only sent to your emails and will not be forwarded to your peers or competitors, which is considered one of its major features and may increase the conversion rate as a result.



The platform has over 120,000 high-quality suppliers from Hong Kong, China, and Asia. It helps you identify trustworthy suppliers by providing referrals to suppliers provided by external organizations such as Dun&Bradstreet and Intertek.


This platform provides you with greater search flexibility. You can check thousands of certified suppliers and buy quality products in smaller quantities.


You can also compare prices and minimum order quantities for instant contact and direct contact with suppliers for payment and delivery. Buy Product Request – If a customer cannot find a suitable supplier in this online marketplace, they can post a free purchase request. Thousands of quality suppliers are ready to meet customers’ purchasing needs.


Europe and America



eWorldTrade is a new online B2B site that is growing rapidly and creating a new and improved way for buyers and sellers. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, all of its major business comes from Karachi, Pakistan. It has now become part of CPEC to make trade relations between Pakistan and China better. The main purpose of the site is to help Chinese suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers to reach their potential audience.

This online global B2B platform is said to be one of the fastest growing online marketplaces with thousands of sellers, distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, and vendors registering and meeting with potential customers from all over the world on a daily basis.

Thousands of manufacturers from different cities and countries are registering on the site every day and can see that the platform will become a strong competitor to all other B2B platforms.


Joor is a B2B trading platform focused on retail products. The platform works with over 155,000 retailers and 1,500 leading brands worldwide.

JOOR is headquartered in New York but has offices in the fashion hubs of Paris, Milan, Miami, and Los Angeles. Brands can apply online and start selling once they are approved.


The U.S. online sourcing B2B platform Kinnek reviews all requests from suppliers, who pay a fixed monthly fee to receive buyer requests. It recently raised $10 million from Matrix Partners and others to continue to expand its marketplace into new markets and verticals.


Middle East Countries


TradeKey is a B2B trading platform focused on supplying electronic products. The platform supports multiple languages (French, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and English) and is easily accessible to more than 9 million members. Suppliers can register for free. In addition, TradeKey offers a program called WomenInTrade to support women-run businesses.


Zoodel supports B2B transactions between the following countries: Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Iran, China, Afghanistan, Iraq, Oman, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. The site supports English, Russian, Arabic, Farsi, and Turkish. Suppliers can register for free and then can import a complete product catalog.




Tradeindia, established in 1996, is one of the largest B2B integrated e-commerce platforms in India, providing a platform for global sellers and buyers to communicate and find suitable partners on the Tradeindia platform.

Tradeindia provides product promotion services for manufacturers, importers, exporters, and service providers in India and around the world, and global buyers can find suppliers and various products on the platform.

At present, the platform has 2.9 million registered members, and the platform brings together 2,250 kinds of products. Popular industries: fashion apparel, copper products, and accessories, smart home, home textiles, home decoration, medical products, electrical and electronic products, etc.



IndiaMart is the largest B2B trading platform in India. The site has over 35 million buyers, 4 million suppliers, and 43 million products. Buyers from almost every country in the world use the site, with over 20 million business inquiries per month. Suppliers can register for free and create a small website to showcase their products.




EC21 is a global B2B trading platform that supports multiple product categories. The platform currently has over 2 million suppliers, 7 million products, 3.5 million buyers, and 3.5 million visitors per month. ec21 is headquartered in Korea, also its largest marketplace. The platform allows suppliers to register for free and offers a homepage with up to 15 free product uploads.

EC Plaza

EC Plaza is one of the fastest-growing B2B websites in Korea, launching in four languages: English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.  EC Plaza has grown to be the first online trading platform, providing online and offline services to over 400,000 members. This online b2b platform not only operates B2B websites, transaction consulting, EDI services, etc. but also provides offline transaction-related services for SMEs based on export marketing.

With a worldwide network and high brand recognition, it expands its business area to the global market by providing important values such as more business opportunities, cost savings, and convenience.

Published over 4 million offers, which is the largest in the world. In addition, the site sits at the top level of some of the leading ranking platforms such as Rankey, Alexa, and 100 HOT.




B2Brazil platform, located in São Paulo, Brazil, is the Brazilian online B2B platform, the gateway to Brazilian trade. The platform has established strategic partnerships with major companies, associations, and government agencies is built-in bilingual (English-Portuguese) and is the only B2B international trade platform in Brazil trusted and partnered by Google, dedicated to advancing the development of Brazilian SMEs and promoting international companies to expand their business in Brazil.

Popular industries: food industry, chemical industry, plastics, machines and equipment, construction, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, mechanical metals, petrochemicals, automotive, resins and coatings, oil and energy, textiles, beverages, cosmetics, mining, etc.


Yeatrade is an all-industry B2B platform covering the entire Latin America region. Its main strength is the use of direct sales indexing to match data and products from identified importers, exporters, users and merchants to facilitate trade closures. 20 top products, 5-word search priority rankings.

Country regions covered are Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and China.

Business sectors covered; agriculture, forestry, fish, food and beverage, construction, financial services, professional services, automotive, textiles and apparel, energy and applications, chemicals, health and pharmaceuticals, mining and natural resources, and industrial machinery.


FGMVendors is a B2B trading platform featuring an online trade show. Suppliers can showcase their products to over 20,000 active buyers. Most of the buyers are retailers with brick-and-mortar stores who are looking for wholesale merchandise to sell. Suppliers pay an annual fee of $449.99 to list their products and sell them here.


WholesaleCentral is a supplier directory. Buyers can search and click on a supplier’s profile and then buy directly from the supplier’s website. To reduce fraudulent transactions, the site reviews each supplier and includes them on a merit basis. Suppliers can pay $399 for six months of display time on WholesaleCentral.


MakersRow is a B2B trading platform. Here, small businesses can easily find manufacturers and suppliers who can meet their product sourcing needs. Currently, the site has over 10,000 manufacturers and 100,000 brands and has generated over 2 million products. Suppliers can sign up for a free basic account; all buyers must sign up and pay a $35 monthly basic account fee.

Etsy Wholesale

Etsy Wholesale is a B2B marketplace where buyers can purchase clothing and accessories offered by small businesses.

Remarkably, wholesale prices are at least 50 percent lower than suggested retail prices. Suppliers can sign up for free, but Etsy charges a 3.5% fee per transaction.

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Another Choice: Sourcing agency

No matter what kind of platform you want to sell your product, Amazon, eBay, or Shopify. the most important part of your business is the product quality.

Product quality is one of the most important factories that can make a contribution to your success. If you are not experienced in sourcing products by yourself.

There is an alternative- Finding a sourcing agency.

There are many benefits of working with a sourcing agency. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it can save you a lot of time and effort in your search for the right supplier.


A good sourcing agent will have a network of suppliers and they will be able to quickly identify which ones are the best match for your requirements. This can save you a lot of time and energy that you would otherwise spend on research.

benefits of cooperating with China sourcing agents

In addition, a sourcing agency can also help you to get better prices from suppliers. They may be able to negotiate special rates or discounts on your behalf. This can end up saving you a significant amount of money in the long run.


Another big benefit of working with a sourcing agency is that they can help to ensure that the products or services you receive are of good quality. They will usually have a good relationship with their suppliers and they will be able to check on things like delivery times, product quality, and after-sales service. This can give you peace of mind that you are getting what you expect.


Finally, sourcing agencies can provide valuable advice and support throughout the whole process. They can offer guidance on choosing the right supplier, negotiating contracts, and even on issues such as payment terms and delivery schedules. This can make the whole process much easier for you and help to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

If you want to get more information about Sourcing Agencies, you can read our previous blog:


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So, these are Amazon’s rules about product categories. If you want to be successful on Amazon and sell more products, it is important that you choose the correct category for your product.


You also need to make sure that the platform you choose for sourcing your products is reliable and can help you find the best deals.


Another option is to work with a sourcing agency like us.


We can help you find quality products at great prices so that you can increase your sales on Amazon.


Contact us today for a free quote and let us show you how we can help improve your business!