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Many people are under the impression that buying timber wholesale is an expensive process and finding wholesale timber supplier is difficult . The truth of the matter is, though, that if you are looking to purchase large amounts of timber then it will actually work out cheaper to buy in bulk at a wholesale price.

The reason for this goes back to supply and demand economics – when there is more demand than supply for a product, the price tends to increase.

The other factor which must be considered here is transportation costs – purchasing in bulk helps reduce these because larger loads require less trips. Due to both these factors it works out much cheaper for wood purchasers who need large quantities on a regular basis to buy their materials from timber merchants rather than retail outlets or small companies who specialise in selling wood by weight or  volume.

The problem with this for the average consumer is that it can be difficult to find a merchant who will sell in high quantities if he thinks there won’t be enough demand for him to make his money back on the commodities.

In this article, we will share our experience about what you need to know about wholesale timer supplier.


When considering whether or not to buy timber wholesale, there are several factors which you must take into account in order to determine what benefits this type of transaction can bring you.

The primary focus when buying timber wholesale will always be on cost per unit – how much will the overall costs turn out to be? The reason why most consider this parameter is because no one wants to spend more than they need in order to get their product;

However, it is also important to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. The amount of money which you have budgeted for this particular purchase will establish whether you can switch out a lower cost model for a more expensive option which offers a better quality.

The quantity and frequency with which the commodity is used should also be considered, because if it is needed often then bulk discounts may be available – if only infrequently used, this will increase the overall expenditure per unit considerably.

The costs associated with transportation should also be taken into account when purchasing wholesale goods; although these are likely to vary depending on where you are buying from and how much material your purchase entails, they can still play an important role in helping you save cash over time even though these prices may not appear immediately.

The last factor to consider when thinking about whether or not you should buy timber wholesale is where it will be stored – if you have the option of keeping your wood out of the way until it is needed, then this will help keep costs down because you won’t need to pay rent on much storage space.

Why it’s important to wholesale timber from a trustworthy company


It is important to wholesale timber from a trustworthy company because if you do not, then your business will suffer. You may be wondering what makes one company more trustworthy than another.

The first thing that needs to be established is that all companies are trying to make money. It’s completely reasonable for them to want to make as much money as possible which means they are going to push their prices down as low as possible so they can sell it for less and still make the sale.

Why should you care about how little they are selling it for? Well, if they are simply trying to sell it at any cost, there’s no telling where your product will end up or who will use it once you hand over the product If you’re buying something like  lumber and the other company is finding other uses for it, you need to know exactly where your product ends up.

Why does this matter? Well if you find out that the other company sold it to a child labor camp or to someone else who will use it for something terrible, then there’s no telling what could happen as a result of your lack of oversight.

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What makes one company more trustworthy than another?


You can’t just judge a company based on how much they charge for their products.

You should also be looking at what kind of product they are selling, how long they have been in business, and who owns them and pays their bills (or another way of saying this would be: How long they’ve been around, if they ‘re running a Ponzi scheme and who is in charge of making the decisions for that company)

A reputable company is going to be one with a proven record of success. They may not always have the cheapest product on the market but you’re paying for quality when you invest in these kinds of companies.

Why would someone pay more money if they could get it cheaper somewhere else? Well, there’s the old saying about getting what you pay for; when you buy from a reputable company , they are going to stand behind their products and provide some sort of warranty which ensures that your investment will be protected.

You should also consider the history of a wood wholesale business before making a decision about whether or not to work with them. If they have a solid history of customer service, then it’s probably a good idea to do business with them – especially if they have been in business for a while. Why?

Because this ensures that their business model works and you can get good products from them consistently without having to worry about whether or not you ‘re going to get what you pay for when you order from them.


Where is the best place for you to start looking for wholesale timber supplier


Imagine you’re starting a new business venture and are looking for where to buy wholesale timber. Where is the best place for you to start looking?


Online platform

The best place to look is on the internet. It’s quick, easy and accessible from anywhere, plus it has an immense range of suppliers who offer all types of products you want that can be bought in bulk at discounted rates.

There are fewer restrictions on getting hold of wholesale timber than with retail goods so using the Internet makes sense. Whether you need wholesale hardwood or softwood there will be plenty of options available at competitive prices, allowing you to concentrate better on matters such as product design and development while leaving procurement issues in safe hands.

Luckily there is no shortage of reputable online wholesalers offering deals on timber, such as tiimber wholesale, timbmet … who will be happy to supply you with wholesale hardwood or softwood in any quantities at affordable prices.


International hardwood company


If tiimber wholesale aren’t for you then why not try the International Hardwood Company? They offer a wide range of products and services including all types of wholesale timber and plywood.

The good news is that they won’t charge you any hidden fees or order minimums. As well as solid lumber they specialise in veneers and also provide milling services – an ideal service if you’re looking for where to buy wholesale at low cost but don’t have the capacity to do so yourself.

Home Timber store


The Home Timber Store are another great choice for those looking for places to buy wholesale timber. They sell a range of products including fencing, decking and sleepers at competitive prices with no order minimums or hidden charges. In addition, they also offer a bespoke service for items such as custom-made gates, arches and other unique pieces that can be crafted to your own specifications. Their team will be happy to provide you with free quotes if you need help deciding which type of wholesale timber would work best in your application.

Sourcing agencies


Now may not necessarily be the best time for you to buy wholesale timber if timber wholesale aren’t what you’re looking for.

Nevertheless there are plenty of options available should timber wholesale not be the right choice so look around before making any big decisions so you get the very best deal  for your wholesale timber needs.

Here we will recommend another way for you to start your business: sourcing agencies.

A Sourcing agency are companies that source or procure the materials and services required by their clients. Sourcing agencies operate in a wide variety of industries and can be found both in and outside traditional office environments.

Sourcing agents require expert knowledge to ensure they handle sourcing requests in an efficient and cost-effective way. They need to have thorough market knowledge so they can offer informed advice on what will work best for each client, ensuring every project is delivered within budget and on time.


Why choose Pangea Sourcing

Pangea is your No.1 choice for product sourcing in Australia. With factory partners in China, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and other markets you can be sure your products are sourced from the right place.Pangea’s mission is to be a sustainable, ethical sourcing provider who helps our customers save over 20% on their ordersPangea’s vision is to help Australian businesses by providing sustainable, high-quality products at the best possible price.

A Comprehensive Analysis of Wholesale Timber Flooring


If you’re interested in buying timber wholesale, finding a wholesale timber supplier,it’s important to know that not all companies are equally trustworthy.

When starting your search for a company with which to work, consider asking these questions about their business practices and history. ive pricing on high-quality wood products as well as excellent customer service from our knowledgable team of experts who speak English natively.

We hope this blog post has helped answer some of your questions about factors to consider when buying timber wholesale.

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