Top 10 Timbers Wholesalers: F17 Hardwood price list

Top 10 Timbers Wholesalers: F17 Hardwood Price List


With the improvement of living standards, people are focused on both the comfort and appearance of their living environment. That’s why Wood product has become increasingly popular in recent years! A rising number of people are getting involved in the industry. Both for their house decoration or business.

We can understand how difficult for people who have no experience to buy products with high quality and affordable prices.

That’s why we write this blog. Are you looking for an F17 hardwood price list? Look no further! In this blog post, we will provide you with the top 10 timbers wholesalers. Each of these suppliers offers a competitive F17 hardwood price list, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

We also include some important information about each supplier, so you can make an informed decision. Besides, we provide some basic information about F17 hardwood and the comparison between F17 hardwood and F27 hardwood for the fresher in the industry. We hope this blog post helps you find the right timber supplier for your business!


The blog will include the following topic

What is F17 hardwood

F17 vs F27 hardwood

Top 10 timbers wholesalers: F17 hardwood price list


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What is F17 Hardwood?

F17 hardwood is a type of wood that contains high levels of what is called Fossil Fuels. F17 hardwood, which has more than 17% of its carbon coming from what is known as fossilized organics (i.e., coal and petroleum), is what some people call “an unconventional” source for the material  that is used to create what are called “hardwoods.”

Another common name for what is called F17 hardwood is what is known as “high-carbon” or what some people call it as “coal-burning softwood.” This name comes from the fact that F17 hardwood has unusually high levels of carbon, which in turn gives what is called “high-carbon” hardwoods what some people call hardness, strength, and density.

Another common name for what is called F17 hardwood is what some people also call it as what is known as an “energy wood.” This name comes from the fact that what makes Fossil Fuels what are considered as a “renewable energy source” is what some people call as “carbon sequestration,” which in turn makes what are called F17 hardwoods what some people also call it as what is known as an “energy wood.”

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F17 vs F27 Hardwood

“F17 vs F27 Hardwood Comparison”

Though these two types of hardwood are cut from very different trees, they share several important properties when used in cabinetry. If you’re shopping for new cabinets or designing your own kitchen, knowing the benefits and drawbacks of each wood will help you choose the right material.

Both f17 and  f27 hardwoods are durable and easy to work with. They resist rot, checking, stains from water damage and other liquids, as well as dents and scratches. However, their resistance to these common problems varies slightly between the two types of wood.


F17 hardwood comes from American trees like oak, maple, ash, and hickory. F27 is made from European beech trees. These woods are popular choices for kitchen cabinets because they are durable while still being moderately priced.


If you plan to buy new cabinets, consider the benefits and drawbacks of both f17 and f27 hardwoods before making a decision. This comparison can help you choose the right wood for your cabinets and avoid problems down the road.

The difference in liquid-related damage

F17 is a little more resistant to liquid staining than f27 is. F17 is also more resistant to the damage caused by water, but f27 is stronger in terms of dent resistance.

Appearance comparison

F27 hardwood is going to have a warm brown color pattern that will complement a range of styles, whereas the f17 variety is going to be red which can clash with most home interior styles. It comes down to an individual’s personal preference but the f27 is going to be more versatile.

Durability comparison

this comparison is clearly in favor of f27 hardwood because it has an open grain pattern so any damage will stand out, whereas f17 variety won’t show any wear and tear until it becomes very apparent. However, this comparison does depend on how the wood is maintained and how it is installed.


Cost comparison

F27 hardwood is going to be more expensive than the f17 variety because of its versatility and durability which will allow it to be used in a wide range of applications such as flooring and staircases, so this comparison depends on what area you want to use it in. This type of wood is going to be more expensive, but the comparison is only going to be evident if you use it in high traffic applications.

Colour and pattern

In comparison, f27 hardwood has a brown color pattern and a very open grain which makes any damage immediately apparent, whereas f17 hardwood will appear red and have a tight grain which won’t show wear and tear  (damage) until the piece has been used extensively. Depending on your intended application, f27 hardwood can be more expensive because of its versatility and durability which will allow it to be used in high traffic applications such as flooring and stairs. The comparison is only apparent if you plan to use it for these applications (cost comparison).

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Conclusions – comparison between f17 hardwood and f27 hardwood


– Appearance comparison – f27 is more versatile, but it depends on your personal preference as to which one you prefer


– Durability comparison – the open grain pattern of f27 makes damage stand out so this comparison clearly favors this type of wood. However, it should be noted that if the wood is well-maintained and properly installed, damage can be minimized.


– Cost comparison – if you plan to use f27 hardwood for flooring or stairs, it will cost more than the f17 variety because it is more versatile. However, if you are looking for a piece that shows little wear and tear, then f17 hardwood may be the better choice.


– The comparison between f17 hardwood and f27 hardwood depends on what application you plan to use it for – this comparison looks at the appearance, durability, and cost comparison. It is up to personal preference as to which type of wood you prefer but if you are looking for a more versatile hardwood that is more durable, then f27 hardwood is the better choice.


Top 10 timbers wholesalers: F17 hardwood price list

Pangea Soucing  

Pangea is a sustainable and ethical sourcing company that offers great prices for Australian businesses. They have partnerships with factories in China, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong as well other markets so you know where your product comes from!

Panga’s mission statement says they want to put their customers’ needs first by providing high-quality products at affordable prices; while achieving these goals through sustainability initiatives such as eco-friendly materials used on production lines or recycling programs within the supply chain framework

Importing Companies in Australia
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Direct Line timbers

Timber specialists who are passionate about the material and committed to providing you with a professional service. We have expertise in all aspects of timber supplies, from decking materials for your home or project needs right up through house renovations where we’ll provide everything necessary including floorboards!

We’re experts at delivering quality products fast so no matter what type of work is required by builders like yourself – whether it be residential projects such as new roofs; commercial spaces needing replacement windows installed

DIRECTLINE Timbers are committed to providing a professional service. When you build, the devil’s in the detail – just let us help get it right the first time at least price! That is what we do!” Go Direct….. To DIRECTLINE TIMBERS!!


 CutPrice Timber

We have been providing expert advice to clients since 1978. We are fully insured and certified, with guaranteed quantities of all materials delivered on time for customers in Newcastle right up until Sydney’s doorstep! Our experienced team can handle projects no matter how complicated they may seem–from small home extensions or commercial building jobs right down to designing custom kitchens that will make your life easier than ever before

Our business was formed by a joint venture between P W Saddington & Sons Ltd., CutPrice Timber employs almost 40 people but our roots go deep into builder/owner-builders who’ve needed help managing their


Bone Timber

Bone Timber has been dedicated to providing the best products possible since 1919. We work with suppliers around the world who are passionate about their craftsmanship, delivering custom-made pieces that will last for generations while being environmentally conscious at every step of production! Our wide range includes quality moldings made out of natural wood or engineered veneers; if you need anything replicated just contact us as we pride ourselves on giving customers what they want–ethically sourced and sustainably produced timbers guaranteed fit anywhere


STS Timber

It is not easy to establish a business in today’s competitive environment. The only way you can ensure success and avoid failure, like many other companies before we have done so too;

It requires hard work with an emphasis on quality products for customers who demand value without compromising their time or loyalty towards STS Timber Wholesale Pty Ltd., which has grown rapidly over recent years due to its focus upon providing optimal service standards through innovation within timber treatment offerings as well flexible terms-of use


Gowan Lea Timbers

Gowan Lea Timbers is a family-owned business that has been in operation on the Sunshine Coast for over 25 years. We have our own sawmill, non-CCA treatment plant, and kilns which allows us to provide local builders with premium quality products at competitive prices while offering more than just timber supplies; we also offer custom oil painting services if needed by customers who want something specific or particular! Most members within this team have worked here ten+years giving them ample experience under their belt – making sure you’ll never be disappointed when coming into contact


Life time timbers

Life Time Timbers has got you covered with a huge range of exterior-treated timbers to suit all your needs. Whether it be for fencing jobs, small or large-scale decking projects–we’ve got what YOU need! Our friendly team is always happy to chat about the many varieties available and how each one can help create an awesome outcome on any project that requires our expertise in this field (and more).

We also stock hardware that will make sure everything matches up properly as part off completing those weekend tasks around the home because everyone wants their space to look impeccable without too much effort from them ;


Finlayson’s Timber & Hardware

In 1875, the first-ever sawmill in Queensland was established. Nowadays it’s not uncommon for there to be several thousand mills throughout Australia producing countless amounts of beautiful timber products that are used all around Queenslands landscape thanks largely due to its sustainable resources and excellent log management practices

Finlayson’s Timber & Hardware is a 4th generation family-owned business operating out both harvestable raw logs as well non-harvestable processed ones like merchant barks which can then go on sale locally or export ready-made furniture pieces straight off our production line! Not only do we care deeply about maintaining high levels


RAW Sunshine Coast

With a focus on quality and sustainability, RAW has been creating one-of-a-kind pieces for the past four years. Our team of experienced artisans utilizes locally sourced sustainable materials to ensure that each piece is built with care in mind from start to finish!

The customer service at this studio really stands out as well – if you’re looking into custom made furniture or want some advice about what design would work best suit your needs then don’t hesitate to get back crosstown today because I bet we can help make things happen just how they’ve always wanted them too



F17 hardwood is a great option for people looking to add style and elegance to their homes. It’s one of the most popular timbers in North America, but it has been known under different names such as black acacia or ironwood. When you want more information about this type of timber, we can provide an overview of what makes f17 hardwood so attractive and how much it costs (based on your location). We also have some suggestions for other types of timbers that may be better suited to your specific needs. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more!