All you want to know about Importing from China to Australia

If you’re looking to import goods from China to Australia, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Chinese exporters often ship products that don’t meet Australian safety and quality standards, so it’s important to do your research and find a reputable supplier. You’ll also need to consider the factor in the cost of transport and customs duties, which can be quite expensive. But with some planning and patience, importing from China can be a great way to save money on your purchases.

That’s why we wrote this blog, sharing our experience about importing from China to Australia.

We believe that after reading this blog, you will get a more clear understanding of the process.

The blog will conclude the following topic:

Three-way for importing from china to Australia

Factors you have to pay attention to before importing from China to Australia

How to import from China to Australia

Top 5 Companies for importing from China to Australia

Three ways for importing from China to Australia

There are 3 ways to import goods to Australia, including importing from China.

  • Importing by making an import declaration at the border

Import declarations are made for both importing to Australia and importing from China at the border through a Border Force officer. To make an import declaration you must have goods into Australia – import by sea, import by air, or importing mail order. The cheapest way is importing by sea but the delivery time is usually longer than importing by air or importing using a courier service like DHL, UPS, FedEx etc..

When importing from China to Australia you will need to declare the goods and provide a completed importing from china to Australia Goods and Services Tax (GST) declaration. You will also need to show evidence that you have paid any duty, GST or other taxes, such as luxury car tax if relevant, payable on the goods.

  • Importing under personal use exemptions

When importing anything from China for personal use you don’t need to pay GST or duty. This importing from china to Australia exemption only applies if the goods are for your personal use or consumption, and you’re importing goods worth AU$1,000 or less

3) Importing duty-free


If importing goods for commercial purposes you must know about importing from China the rules of importing the same products into Australia. The one importing from China importing duty rate applies to importing varies depending on what you are importing – it could be free, 5%, 10%, or 15%, for example.


It is important to know importing requirements of importing from china to Australia so you can follow the importing process to importing from china to Australia correctly, avoiding exorbitant importing fees or having your goods being destroyed by customs. You will also have to meet importing deadlines if importing by sea or air.


Factors you have to pay attention to before importing from China to Australia

According to history, China has been a part of world trade for thousands of years. Even though it is very difficult for foreigners to understand the customs in china and they have many problems when importing from China to Australia, there are also opportunities in this country.


As you know, there are more than 1 billion people in China, so it is a big market. And statistically, there are about 30 million people in Australia, so it is a small market. If you want to sell the products made in China, you will find more opportunities in Australia than doing business directly in China.


The Problems when importing from China to Australia:


1. Problems with Quality Control and Inspection.


When sourcing products made in China, you will meet some problems about inspection, for example, the certificate of origin, C/O. You may concerned that is it necessary to pay extra money to get these certificates? Is it hard to do business with companies that haven’t got certificates? Generally speaking, the price of quality control and inspection is not very expensive, but with the help of our professional team and long-term experience in this field, we can do it for you.


2. Problems with Delivery Time and Logistics


We all know that China is a big country and it has many cities and areas to produce products. So sometimes there is very important to know the right way to send your goods from one place to the other. And the quality of delivery is an important factor for business development too. You can trust us to make it clear for you, our professional team will solve all logistics problems and do them better than others.


3. Problems with Shipment


As we mentioned above, products made in China are produced in many places. So it’s not easy to ship them directly to your country, also there are too many products to choose from. We will make the whole process clear for you earliest and offer you our best solutions.


4. Problems with Custom Clearance


As we know, China is a partner of WTO which means that most of the products made in china can be imported to many countries without paying any tax. But there are still some countries that need to pay tax for importing products from china. According to China’s custom policy, if your value is lower than 2000 US Dollars, you don’t have to pay tax.


Compared with other countries, Australia’s custom policy is more friendly to China. As we all know, Australia is a big market in Asia.

Why do we need sourcing agencies

As importing from China can be difficult especially because importing entails different rules and regulations compared to importing within Australia, importing companies in china have been set up by people who understand how the process of importing from China to Australia works.

Importing companies in china are importing agents who use their expertise importing from China to Australia, making importing not only easier but also much quicker.

Importing companies in china will deal with all the importing documentation and liaise with Australian customs on your behalf, ensuring importing from china to Australia goes smoothly.

A professional importing agent in China will help you import a wide range of products from China to Australia, including importing garments and importing toys.

Importing from China can be complicated but importing agents importing from china to Australia will make importing goods easier and less time-consuming for you importing from china to Australia on your behalf, making importing more straightforward.


How to import from China to Australia

The guide below is how to import from China to Australia, but the process is very similar when importing from any other country to another.


When you are in Australia and know what items in China you want to be imported, it’s time to start looking for a freight forwarder! A Freight Forwarder takes care of all customs clearance and paperwork on your behalf.


STEP 1: Find a freight forwarder/customs broker in China


Do your research to find the best customs broker for you! Have a look at how much other importers are paying for their services, how satisfied people are with the services, how long they have been in business, how fast their turn-around times are and how easy it is to contact them. When you have found service in your budget, with high satisfaction rates and fast turnaround times, ask for an estimated flat fee.


A Freight Forwarder will provide you with instant quotes on how much customs clearance will cost, how long it will take and how much they charge in their fee.


STEP 2: Pay for the freight forwarder’s services by providing them with a Bank  Mandate


Pay for the freight forwarder’s services by providing them with a  Bank Mandate which includes your bank details, your name, and how much the service costs us. The Bank Mandate is an agreement between you and your freight forwarder telling how much you have agreed to pay how much the freight forwarder’s service costs.


Once your Bank Mandate has been signed and you’ve paid for your freight forwarder, they will start the process of importing from China to Australia usually! This consists out of finding out how many boxes there are in total (not how heavy they are!) how many units are in each box, how much it will cost to import the items into Australia, and how long all of this will take.


STEP 3: Importation – Handling Customs Clearance


Once the freight forwarder has all the information they need for customs clearance, they can start working with Australia’s services! If you have any questions on how the customs clearance process works, do let your freight forwarder know.


The final steps are that you will receive the invoice for how much customs clearance costed and how many days it took. You can then pay for these fees if they’re in your budget! The next step is waiting on how long it takes for Australia’s services to release your goods.


After that, it’s how long it takes for the freight forwarder to send you how much the cost was of how long it took on how many units on how tonnage the import was on how heavy the whole shipment is, etc! The more accurate information they can provide you with, the easier it will be for you to pay how much it cost – make sure they know how important this is for you!


After all of this, you will receive your items!

Top 5 Companies for importing from China to Australia


At Meeno, we provide a complete sourcing service in China. Our services include and are not limited to: Quality inspection; Sourcing products from all over the world using our vast network of suppliers – including but not limited to North America or Europe!


We also offer quality storage for your goods while they’re being shipped across oceans (or if you live locally) so that there’s no need to worry about them getting lost along the way either-and finally custom clearance shipments home after their long trip abroad!.


In case you are still looking for trustworthy agents t save both time and cost? Contact us today!




Pangea Source

Pangea is your No.1 choice for product sourcing in Australia, with factory partners across China and other markets you can be sure that the products are sourced from the right place


Pangea’s mission has always been about being sustainable as well as ethical when it comes to business practices while at the same time-saving customers over 20% on their orders  Pangea’s vision would like nothing more than help Australian businesses by providing them high-quality items at affordable prices


Arcadia Sourcing International Ltd.,

founded in 2001 by chuckled Simon Li is a sourcing and manufacturing company that works with clients from all over the world to purchase products on open markets or develop their own OEMs as needed. The team at ASIL has worked extensively throughout North America, South America Europe Australia Asia never forgetting its home country of Hong Kong where they are headquartered out. They make sure each item purchased meets high standards while also providing customers top-notch customer service when it comes time for repairs should any arise!


Hornet Import & Export Group

At Hornet Import & Export Group, our experienced team will streamline the process of importing from China. Whether you’re an existing importer or wholesaler looking to outsource your manufacturing needs; we have a solution for every business size!



Are you looking for a trustworthy Chinese manufacturer to produce your product? Then we are the team for you. Our experienced import services include quality assurance checks and factory audits, manufacturing-guided tours of China factories or wholesalers as well as logistics in Australia when importing goods from there – all with just one call away!



We partner with fast-growing and established E-commerce brands to help them navigate the complex world of sourcing.


As a company that has physical offices around the world, we can guarantee high-quality products on-time delivery for your business or brand’s requirements no matter where you are in Australia!


Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with 60+ full-time staff and major offices around the globe including China and India – we’re on a mission to help all businesses connect.


There is nothing we can’t achieve.  Our global reach and expertise mean that you will always walk away with a satisfied customer who has achieved their dream wardrobe, no matter what country they’re in or how much money they have available for clothing purchases!



When importing from China to Australia, you need to know what is allowed and what isn’t. It’s important that you find a freight company that has experience in shipping goods across the world so they can ensure your product arrives without any issues. For more information on how we import products from China to Australia, contact our team of experts today!