Everything You Want to Know about Importing Companies in Australia

Two hands are shaking for the meaning of cooperation
Two hands are shaking for the meaning of cooperation


Australian importing companies are a valuable asset to the country. Importing goods from China to Australia is a significant part of the Australian economy and its importance will only continue to grow as international trade increases globally.

If you have interests in the international trading business but have no idea where to begin. We believe that the information we provide in the blog can help you solve most of your problems about Importing Companies in Australia, besides, you can also have an understanding of importing goods from China to Australia.

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The necessary of importing companies Australia

Why import goods from China to Australia?

How to import from China to Australia

Reliable Australian importing companies 


The necessity of importing companies in Australia

Australian import companies generally deal with buying products from other countries, importing them for sale or distribution locally, and exporting some of the production. Importing companies generally import from china to Australia, because China is one of Australia’s biggest trading partners and the largest exporter in the world. Importing brings a range of important economic and social benefits to the country and economy as a whole.

Creating more jobs opportunity

A lot of Australian import companies also help Australian businesses improve productivity and increase exports by importing cheap products they can use to make or build other things. Importing companies in Australia create jobs for Australians too, both directly and indirectly.

Access to various new products

Import companies in Australia are important because they help to stimulate the economy through buying goods from other countries, Importing goods from China to Australia encourages export which is very beneficial for the Australian economy. Importing companies provide an important way for Australians to get new products that have not been created domestically, Importing also offers access to more variety of products.


Environment protection

Importing companies in Australia also benefit the environment by importing goods that may not be produced domestically. Importing goods from China to Australia can help to reduce pollution and waste.


Tips about Import from China to Australia


Importation is the act of bringing goods from one country to another. It’s important for many reasons, not least of which is that it brings product diversity and lowers prices for consumers.

There are some things that can’t be imported because they aren’t allowed into the country or they’re prohibited by law. In addition, there are some goods that don’t pay duties and taxes – even if they’re marked as imports – because of exemptions for specific products.

Importers face a number of restrictions when importing into Australia. It’s important to understand these rules and regulations before you start importing, or it could cost you more than you bargained for.

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One of the first steps is to check whether or not there are tariffs on your goods. Tariffs are taxes imposed by the Australian Customs Service on imported goods, and they must be paid before customs will allow your products into Australia. If you aren’t sure if your items come with a tariff, you can contact an Importing Companies in Australia.



Taxes and duties

If your goods are dutiable, you’ll also need to check on taxes and duties before importing them into Australia. You can calculate any charges using the Customs website’s tariff database. The rate of duty varies depending on what country you’re importing from; some countries have a general tariff and others have specific tariffs for particular goods. The GST (goods and services tax) is also charged on imported items, but it’s normally included in the price you paid if the supplier has registered with the Australian Taxation Office.


Apply for an import permit

If your products are exempted from duty and taxation because they’re prohibited or excluded from the Australian market, you’ll need to apply for an import permit. For example, some products are prohibited because they’re considered a health risk, but others are excluded due to low demand or intellectual property rights. You can make an inquiry about importing these goods by checking the website of the Department of Agriculture & Water Resources, which administers import permits.

If you want to import goods that aren’t prohibited or excluded, there are different types of permits available. You can apply for an import permit or a temporary import permit if your goods are only going to be in Australia for up to three months.

China sourcing

Some products will require you to submit individual applications for each item before bringing them into the country. For example, you’ll need to submit a separate application for each firearm or ammunition because firearms are subject to different requirements than other imported goods.


If your items don’t require individual applications or permits, you can send them in with your import declaration. This is an electronic document that makes it easier for customs officials to assess how much duty and GST you have to pay on your goods.


It’s important to note that it’s illegal to import some things into Australia. While most of these items are restricted because they pose health risks, there are also high-risk items that are prohibited for other reasons.


Such items include illicit drugs and firearms. This means if your business deals in firearms, you can’t import or export any without a permit.

Legal issues


You should also be aware of restricted items for commercial use. Everyone needs to ask themselves whether the item they’re importing is safe and legal before they decide to ship it into Australia. Here are some examples of restricted commercial goods:


Weapons (including replica weapons that appear to be military weapons)


Explosives, fireworks, and flares


Pornography or sexually explicit material


Hazardous goods that aren’t properly described with a label or shipping document


The Australian Border Force is the government agency in charge of making sure all imports meet safety standards. It’s their job to stop illicit drugs from reaching consumers, so make sure your business complies with all Australian laws to avoid legal issues.

Why importing goods from China to Australia?

China, the World’s factory is the best place for the start of a new online business. From the perspective of a Western business owner/entrepreneur the benefits of importing products from China are clear:


– Low production costs


– Access to the large quantity of products


– Good quality product standards – Customer based in the West with good buying power


As the world economy starts moving more and more towards an online model, as opposed to brick and mortar stores which work mostly on the basis of customer proximity to the store location, the importance of eCommerce is growing steadily.

Especially so in developed countries where people have relatively high purchasing power and want convenience combined with lower prices.

These two factors together make the Chinese factories an invaluable resource for both entrepreneurs looking to get started, and the Western customer base looking for the best deals.

Global sourcing

In the past, the option of importing products from China was available only to the biggest companies in the world, the ones who could afford the logistics and the upfront investment required – a cost which is a lot higher than what it is today.

Unfortunately, these businesses have so much power that they might even kill your business by driving prices down while offering little value proposition to their customers. Luckily this is changing with the growth of online markets such as Alibaba where direct communication between producers and consumers can be established at marginal costs compared to traditional wholesale/retail supply chains.


The main disadvantage of importing from China lies in actually having to import from China, but technology has mitigated this problem in the form of the worldwide shipping network and the abundance of courier services that can deliver the goods directly to the door.


While the actual logistics might get problematic the best way to get around this is by getting an experienced third party involved such as a freight forwarding company to handle the transportation part of the business.


Reliable Australian importing companies 


Business.gov is the Australian government’s primary website for businesses and it has been online since 1996 – making it one of Australia’s longest-standing business sites!

The site provides a single entry point into all things related to running your company, from information on how to start up or buy an existing enterprise through resources like tax code updates; training courses tailored towards what you need most at any given time (e.g., if there are major changes happening within our industry); council discussions which will help keep those pesky regulations under control so they don’t get outta hand…Businesses can also find answers about international trade deals as well as links across various subject areas including finance & accounting

We’re proud to say that our team is one of the biggest things about us. We’ve been independently owned and run since 1995, meaning we have complete control over all aspects including freight logistics; warehousing solutions; international transport – you name it!

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JETRO offers a range of services to assist your trade activities with Japan. These include our web-based directories and databases, as well as JETRO’s buyer invitation program;


While we cannot contact Japanese companies on behalf of the client, these resources are designed for assisting individuals or businesses looking into doing business in this country.



In the wake of recent changes in relations and trade partnerships with China, Australia has seen an increased demand for importing products from Chinese manufacturers.

With almost 40 years of experience sourcing products, importing them into Australian markets as well as logistics services across the Asia Pacific we’re more than qualified to assist you!

The MyShipper team are here at your service whether it be finding that one special item or arranging a full container load; let us take care of everything so all can focus on what matters most: Your Business

With reliable teams in both China and Australia, MyShipper is an easy and efficient gateway for businesses to source products internationally 

By using the service of a third-party logistics provider like my shipment (My supplier), Australian companies can buy directly from Chinese manufacturers which are oftentimes more affordable than buying locally due to high shipping fees or other costs associated with importing goods into your country’s borders. this means reduced costs on behalf of you;


It also helps support local economies by keeping money within our own economy rather than sending back payments made towards international suppliers!



At Meeno, we provide a complete sourcing service in China. Our services include and are not limited to: Quality inspection; Sourcing products from all over the world using our vast network of suppliers – including but not limited too North America or Europe!

We also offer quality storage for your goods while they’re being shipped across oceans (or if you live locally) so that there’s no need to worry about them getting lost along the way either-and finally custom clearance shipments home after their long trip abroad!.

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Pangea Source

Pangea is your No.1 choice for product sourcing in Australia, with factory partners across China and other markets you can be sure that the products are sourced from the right place

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If you are looking to import goods from China into Australia, then there is a lot of work that needs to be done. You need to know what kind of goods you want and how much money you’re willing to spend on them before anything else can happen. This article has given some great information about the process for importing items from overseas.

After reading this blog, you can solve most of these problems. We also introduce some reliable import companies in Australia.

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