Importing Goods from China to Australia

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If you are importing goods from China to Australia, it is important that you understand the legal requirements of importing and exporting.  Here, we will go step by step through importing good quantities of products from China to Australia. Also, we will introduce some reliable sourcing agencies for reference. If you want to save time and energy on the importing process, you can pay the commission to the sourcing agency.

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The whole process of importing goods from China to Australia

Reliable sourcing agencies you can choose


The whole process of Importing Goods from China to Australia


1 .  Determine if Your Business Qualifies for an Import License


If importing over 90% of your products from China, you are required to have a license or permit before importing goods.   If importing is less than 90%, but more than 10%, importing may still require a declaration to be filed with the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS).  You may also need to obtain a license or permit if importing chemicals, foods, firearms, and weaponries.


2 .  Register for an ACBPS Account


To import goods into Australia, you will need to register on the ACBPS website and obtain a Unique User Identification (UUI) number and password.  This is where your important documents can be filed and tracked.  It is free to register and only takes a few minutes of your time.


3 .  Familiarize Yourself With Import Regulations for Your Product


Each product that you are importing from China will have different requirements, which you can get on the ACBPS website.  These include country of origin, HS codes, quantity, value, and other import requirements that need to be met.  It is important to note that importing goods into Australia involves importing everything in the box – even if it has nothing to do with the product you are importing (for example, importing t-shirts with peanuts packed inside of them).

4 .  Find a Chinese Supplier


One of the best places to find a Chinese supplier for importing goods from China into Australia is  Alibaba has millions of registered buyers and suppliers from all over the world, making it easy to find what you are looking for quickly.  To locate a supplier on Alibaba, simply enter your industry and location in the search bar, and you will be provided with listings of the best Chinese suppliers.


5 .  Contact Suppliers for Pricing


To obtain pricing on importing goods from China into Australia, simply contact your supplier to discuss your importing needs and offer details such as product quantity, product value (if importing at retail value), shipping requirements, importing requirements, packaging requirements, and payment terms.  Most Chinese suppliers will offer importing services to Australia, which can include packing, shipping, clearing customs, importing onto the ACBPS system, declaring goods for import in Australia, and labeling your products with an Australian logo or trademark.


6 .  Scheduling Time to Clear Customs in Australia


Once importing goods from China into Australia has been arranged with your supplier, you will need to schedule time for importing your products into Australia.  All import declarations must be submitted through the ACBPS system before importing goods into Australia can take place.  It is important to note that importing does not happen immediately (like buying something online), but will be scheduled within the importing timeframes.  You can check to import times on the ACBPS website or by contacting your supplier.


7 .  Paying for Your Import Shipping


Once importing goods from China into Australia has been arranged with your supplier, they will offer to pay for importing the goods, which is often included in importing costs or charged separately.  This includes all importing charges, including customs charges and taxes.  If you decide to pay for importing your goods from China into Australia yourself, you will need a bank statement at the time of importing containing the transfer of funds from your business account to a foreign bank account (if importing by wire transfer) or credit card statement (if importing by Paypal).


8 .  Receiving Your Import Shipping


When importing goods from China to Australia, you can choose to have your shipment delivered to your premises or held with Australian Customs until all importing charges are paid.  If receiving goods via sea freight, importing goods from China into Australia will often take between 4-6 weeks.


9 .  Filing Your Import Declaration


When importing goods from China to Australia, importing charges are based on the value of your product, not on any importing restrictions or requirements – so it is important to declare your products accurately on importing documents.  To file import documents with the ACBPS system, you will need to visit the importing website and generate your importing documents.  This can be done by importing shipments of just a few hundred dollars, although some agents do charge for importing goods under $1,000.


10 .  Paying Your Importing Charges


Importing charges must typically be paid before importing goods from China into Australia, so be sure to factor importing charges into your importing budget.  Importing charges can be paid by bank transfer, credit card, or through your supplier if importing goods from China. If importing goods via sea freight, importing charges are due before receiving or signing for your shipment.


11 .  Receiving Your Import Goods


If importing goods from China into Australia by sea freight, importing goods can take between 4-6 weeks. If importing via air, importing your goods from China will often be quicker – depending on what you importing and where your supplier is based.  Once importing charges are paid, you will usually receive a notification that your shipment has arrived in Australia.


This notification will include a document number that you can use to track your importing on the importing website.  It is important to note that importing goods from China into Australia does not immediately mean your goods have been cleared by Customs.

China sourcing agents

Top 10 Sourcing Agencies for Importing goods from China to Australia 

The Importing Club of Australia

The Importing Club of Australia was founded in 2010 to provide Australians with a single, trusted source for all their importing needs. Since then we’ve expanded our reach across Asia and are proud that now customers can buy from us without having any trouble finding what they need due at least partly because there is no middle-man involved!

Your business needs a reliable partner to take care of all the tedious details so you can focus on what matters most. We offer sourcing, supplier due diligence, and quality control services that will make sure your products are delivered quickly with no hassle – even if they come in from overseas! With access both domestically and internationally we have Freight Forwarder Pte Ltd., which has over 15 years of experience helping businesses like yours get things done right when it comes time for an import/export project. Let our team handle everything else while focusing simply on getting started


QIMAone software

QIMAone software offers innovative, quality management solutions that keep your business safe and sound across the globe. With over 15 years of experience rolling out programs with top brands alongside retailer partners all around this planet – we’ve learned what works best! We’re committed to providing you those very same capabilities so as not only can it stay afloat but also thrive under any circumstance.


 Imex Sourcing

We are a 21st-century sourcing company that aims to change how things are done with the help of technology. We have over 50 combined years of experience managing projects & cracking codes, so you know your goods will be protected from start to finish!

Our highly trained team speaks both English AND Chinese fluently–which means they’re fluent not just when talking about business but also life on this side or beyond it (we find out what people really need). With us gone through every step before delivering them into stores around China、


Linc Sourcing

Linc Sourcing is the go-to agency for all your sourcing needs. They’ve been around since 1998, and have helped many companies buy products from China – they’re even acting as an outsourcing purchase department to provide you with expertise at competitive prices while making sure that every law’s being followed! With their Swedish management style focused more on customer satisfaction than strict deadlines or quotas (the key aspect being transparency), there really can’t be any better choice if this type of thing interests ya’.



EC4U is the best place to find qualified vendors in Asia. With over a decade of experience, we have built up an extensive database that includes both quality and price as well as sincerity when it comes to solving problems together with our customers – especially those from Hong Kong or Jiangmen City who work around The Pearl River Delta’s comprehensive infrastructure!

Keen Sourcing

Keen Sourcing is one of the leading sourcing agents in China, dedicated to helping startups and international buyers source products from the manufacturing industries of China. They are committed to ensuring that their clients get access into this market while also being fully compliant with all regulations — both at home as well as abroad where Keen has offices around the Asia Pacific region including Singapore & Taipei which helps them create different types of product solutions tailored specifically for each client’s needs



You may be looking for a specific product and have no idea where to start. You need sourcing services that will help you find what you’re really interested in, quickly!  Leelinesourcing is the perfect place with our experienced team of professionals who can do everything from search engines like JD or Alibaba’s Taobao Marketplace all the way through manufacturing samples so we know exactly which factories meet your needs best (We strive every day on delivering quality service).



Founded in 2018, HunterSourcing is a China procurement agency that helps overseas SMEs and individuals import products from the most economically developed eastern coastal city in China. We’re located right off Highway Jie which has easy access to major cities like Shanghai or Hangzhou with their many industrial parks within only minutes away by car – all while being surrounded by other prosperous regions such as Ningbo where you can find retail markets every day during weekdays unlike any others found across Zhejiang province!


Pangea sourcing

Pangea is your No.1 choice for product sourcing in Australia. With factory partners in China, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and other markets you can be sure your products are sourced from the right place.

Pangea’s mission is to be a sustainable, ethical sourcing provider who helps our customers save over 20% on their orders

pangea sourcing



When importing goods from China to Australia, it is important to find a reliable and experienced sourcing agency. By doing so, you can avoid many of the common problems associated with importing products. At Pangea sourcing, we have years of experience helping businesses import goods from China safely and efficiently. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you source high-quality products from China.